Bits of Sweetness: Stained Glass moments

Stained Glass moments

There are so many things that can happen in one lifetime. The fun moments are ones that I love to look back on. The moments that were so full of glee, and that remain forever bookmarked in my mind.

But then there are those other moments. You know. The ones that make you wonder. The ones you could tear up over pretty easily. The ones you'd like to just forget or redo. The ones that don't make it to scrapbook pages. They are what many great sad songs are based on. I was thinking the other day about some of those moments. I really really wish I could rewrite how some of them play out, even if it would mean rewriting someone else's life and actions. I was thinking though and wondering, how much would I take out, and change? How much would I rewrite it to avoid the pain? It makes me think of stained glass. Stained glass, while beautiful, is comprised of a million broken pieces. If you were to look at one individual broken piece, it would not seem like much. Beautiful in color,perhaps, but beautiful as a whole, not likely. By itself it is just a broken piece of glass. If you take that one broken piece and make it into a stained glass picture, it is a thing of beauty and wonder. Our lives are a lot like that. To us, the painful moments are like that one broken,worthless piece of glass. We would love to just get rid of it or keep the beautiful entire sheet of glass it once was. But God has a much better plan. He sees the bigger picture and how that broken piece is going to make a stunning picture. We just have to trust. If you took out all the broken pieces of glass, your picture would be gone. While the broken, hard moments might feel almost impossible sometimes, they are worth it.They help us to trust Him more. They help us gain a much greater appreciation and love for the one creating this amazing picture. We learn to see beauty where we normally would not. We learn to grow in hard moments. And we cannott forget either. We are not broken pieces to God. He sees the entire picture,even if we cannot. We are his masterpiece-every single little piece.


  1. beautifully written, and very true.

  2. What a wonderfully well written post! Love it!

  3. Wonderfully well written post! Love it!!!

  4. Words were never truer. I'm contemplating these very thoughts right now. All of these experiences have make us who we are...they shape and mold and refine us. I wouldn't be the me I am today without them. How can I wish to change that which is a part of my soul...that which gives me depth and truth?


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