Bits of Sweetness: Baby blanket 2 and my logo I use

Baby blanket 2 and my logo I use

My new Singer heavy duty sewing machine came in the mail a few days ago. I didn't waste any time cracking open the box and putting it to use {just ask my dad!}. The first thing I got to work sewing was a baby blanket for my friend whose little boy is due very very soon!!! I love how it turned out! Next blanket I might try the rag-style minky quilt. We'll see! Here are some pictures.

This blanket is more of a medium-sized one,
but still perfect for lying it on the ground for baby to play on, or wrapping the baby up in.

I love the darling baby boy print!

A few weeks ago, I was trying to think of a logo I could put on the blankets I make to add an extra little something to it. I love the blankets people have given Andrew and have added a little personalized tag to. Plus, it makes it a lot easier to remember who it was from! This is what I came up with. It's supposed  to be a dark blue ink, but my low-on-ink printer rendered different colors. It is what it is! It still matches the blanket though :-) 

Logo. I have a girly one too for girl blankets.

Personalized. {by hand due to only having the oober slow desktop that would not load the website again.
Oh well :-) Not too sad of a mistake at all! }

Few sidenotes- I want to try to do the logo on a tag (material tag) to sew onto the side. Or, try hand-stitching a logo on (obviously, not like that one! It would take forever! ) with a soft embroidery-type thread. We'll see. 

I humor myself sometimes. I am so not a perfectionist in many areas of life. Cleaning the house. If it's good enough it works. I mean, I do try, and put forth effort, but I'm not a perfectionist about it. The same with a few wrinkles on a shirt if we're short on time (although I do love wrinkle spray!!) When it comes to some things though, I am a total  perfectionist. Like addressing envelopes. I will redo it if it doesn't look just right. And craft stuff. Sometimes I'll let a little imperfection go, like a seam that isn't completely straight (especially if it is too much work to go back and redo it, unless it's obvious.) With this blanket, the iron moved my label a little so it is off center. It's not even a huge deal, but every time I see it it just bugs me. Lol. Funny me, I know :-) I guess everyone has their quirks right?


  1. Very cute Laura! I so wish I was more crafty and that I had an eye for what looks good together... But I dont. Lol about your perfectionistism (is that a word?) with the blanket lable :o)

  2. So Precious ,your friend will be Blessed by your warm gift, great work ! Stay Creative.

  3. You have a really nice site here. I love the blanket. I've just started using my sewing machine to make spit cloths out of scraps of fabric and it was so refreshing to make something by hand for my little guy. =) Happy Sunday.


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