Bits of Sweetness: Forty five years to Forever

Forty five years to Forever

I photographed a wedding today. It was a long day. My entire body was sore after wards. But it was entirely worth it. {It always is!} Today though, there was just something extra special about this wedding. It wasn't just any wedding. The couple were celebrating forty-five years of marriage with a special vow-renewal wedding ceremony. They were timeless. You could tell they truly cherished one another. They met when they were seventeen, and married after. A love to span the ages. This day was so sweet to be a part of. I truly feel honored. This is the love I can see my husband and I having down the road- the sweet glances, even at 70 years of age. It was wonderful to be able to capture their special day.  I'll post more pictures later (I have three photoshoots to catch up on yet before this one!), but here are a few classic favorites.

More to come. Promise :-)


  1. I love this/these! I know I commented on FB but had to again. Such a neat photoshoot to be part of.

  2. Wow what a precious couple. I love that they had a actual wedding. Your pictures ar beautiful.

  3. such a wonderful story, wow! I loved your photos, so gentle and vintage :)


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