Bits of Sweetness: Free & 99cents Father's Day Card Deals!

Free & 99cents Father's Day Card Deals!

I love the idea of sending the loved ones in my life cards. I am just terrible at doing it. And on time. I'll usually buy the cards! But to actually get them in the mail and on time?? Now there is a feat I have only done a few times!! Here are two deals that can help all you others who might have the same problem. And if you don't? Well my kudos to you! And to all of you: you really don't have an excuse now with these deals to get cards for not only your kids' dads and grandpas but for yours too!

Tinyprints has a deal going on for 99 cent Father's Day cards here. They offer lovely, personalized photo cards with a variety of themes to choose from. Use coupon code GC99 at the billing & shipping page of checkout to get this great deal. (You'll need to order the cards individually to get the price on more than one card.) Shipping is free to your address (the card comes inside in a separate envelope) or for 44 cents extra ship it to your loved one. (you may pay tax on the dollar, but still, what a great deal!)
{tinyprints card}

Next, head over to Shutterfly. They have a deal for five free 5x7 personalized cards! Just use coupon code DADCARD at checkout. They too have lovely cards that you can add pictures and text too. Check it out! 

{shutterfly card}

Just a hint for picking up deals on photos: bookmark and sporatically enter these photo websites through to check for deals. It can change depending on codes submitted. 

I also check other shopping sites through it. Anywhere you do online shopping, check first because there may be a discount code! Sometimes there is not and sometimes the company doesn't allow user submitted coupons, but it's still worth checking

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  1. Thanks for the tip Laura! I going to show this to Randy and see if we should order some for our dads. The number one hard thing for me to think of is gifts for Fathers Day.


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