Bits of Sweetness: Houston, I think we have a problem.

Houston, I think we have a problem.

We love Netflix. We canceled our membership last year to save money, but when I saw the cheaper plans they have (unlimited online streaming for just $8 a month) I decided to sign up again. We don't have cable so don't have that cost, but it can add up renting movies, even from Redbox (which, we still use for the occasional new release). Netflix is awesome, what can I say? Their streaming selection used to be pretty limited. Now though, they have oodles of tv shows and movies. We're a big fan. We're not the only fan though.

Andrew has grown to love it just as much, if not more. They have Dora the Explorer, Diego, and Word World. Our son is in love. We would let him watch a show if we needed to get a shower in, or if he woke up really early. Or if we needed to do dishes. But then it turned into way too many hours of the day. And our son has gone from in love with these shows to borderline obsessed with watching them. He doesn't have a crazed look in his face or anything ;-) But you know someone does something too much if they get cranky and don't know what to do with themselves and ask about it two minutes later when they can't have it. And ask two minutes after that. And... two minutes after that. And.. two minutes after that!! And dissolve into upset tears when the answer is no.

 So, it's time to cut back. Not cold turkey. But, I can see where this is going to go. I'm thankful God prompted the thought. It is easy to just let him watch the shows. Word World is very educational. But, it's the fact that he is developing a habit of always watching, and not playing. The imagination suffers. The desire to go outside and play dwindles. (well, not yet for him. He is always up for bubbles and chalk!But I can see it down the road) So yes, my friends. We're cutting screen time down. I would rather listen to a three year old's tears then deal with a 13 or 16 year old's fit.


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    We restrict tv. My twins aren't allowed to watch it at all, and my 4 year old just gets to watch one dvd a day (we don't have cable or netflicks).

  2. Its easy to let the TV get out of control. I do it often with my kids :o) Every few months I take restock and realize that wow we've been having WAY to much tv time!


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