Bits of Sweetness: In honor of those who serve

In honor of those who serve

~I love this one because it looks like he's trying to salute!~

I have a lot of honor and respect for those who serve in our military. It touches near and dear to my heart even moreso now that I had a little boy in my class whose dad was deployed six months, right after his son's first birthday. It was so hard, waiting those six months, knowing how much the little boy missed his daddy and the mama her husband but it was so sweet to see them together as a family again.

So to everyone who is in our military or who has served, Thank you! Your hard work and sacrifice is appreciated more than you know! And, it's not just the people in the military we should appreciate. Their families & spouses also make sacrifices so their loved ones can protect our country. Thank you to the families too!

One neat way I show support to the troops is by buying them a cup of coffee through their "Cup of Joe for a Joe (or Jane ;-) ) program. It's only 2 bucks for one cup, and SO easy to do. Go to the Green Beans Coffee website and select how many cups of coffee you'd like to do. The company has coffee shops internationally and on many military bases. It's a neat way to say "thank you" and give the troops a little break. And I mean really, $2? That is not that much! (if you're feeling really nice you could do more than just one cup!!) It's really cool because you can send a note along with your coffee and the military recipient will get it, and you'll get their reply back!! Pretty cool program if you ask me.

Happy Memorial Day!!


  1. That was beautiful Laura, thank you. Also, thank YOU to those of you who support us while our loved ones are away. It's having the support of friends and family that help us and keep our hero's content in the knowledge that their families are being cared for while they are away.

  2. Beautiful tribute. And such gorgeous photos! You are talented :)

    They All Call Me Mom

  3. You were a busy blogger this weekend! Adorable photos of the patriotic little guy. I also loved the post that your friend posted about "work". Convicting stuff. As I sit here at the computer with a sinkful of dishes ;o)


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