Bits of Sweetness: Letter to Andrew

Letter to Andrew

Dear Andrew,

Is it possible that you are just a few weeks shy of 3 1/2? I don't know that I'm ready for that! Just yesterday you were a little tiny baby in my arms! Being a parent didn't even feel real yet! Now though, it is the most natural, beautiful thing in life. I would not trade it or your for anything else (no, not even the lottery!)

You are such a delight to our lives. You are all boy. There is no doubt about it! You love trains. You will gladly go find trains to watch and you are the first to hear a train whistle. You know if it's a freight train or passenger train just by the sound of it. You could watch trains for hours. There is an old train track trail right by our house. You could walk that for hours too. Sometimes though, the train whistles scare you. Like tonight. It was late. You came out to find us though and burst into tears telling us about the train you heard, and how you were worried it was going to come crashing into your room, hurting you. A few hugs, and a joke about little piggies being on the train and the noises they made got a smile and giggle out of you.

You have so much enthusiasm in life. If you want to do something, you'll come up to ask and ask, "You wike to do that?!!!" with the cutest grin on your face ever. It is contagious dear boy. How can we ever say no to those cute pleading-yet-confident eyes?! You are quick to come up with a plan B too. If we're not interested in plan A, you'll come up with something else. Or be even cuter asking about the first thing you wanted to do. If something just doesn't float your boat, you'll say, "No. We don't wike that!! Let's do this! We wike to do that!!"

You have a great imagination. You are totally into sound effects right now. "See the rocket. It goes BLAST OFF!!!! Pshhhh!!!!" You can do a volcano quite well too, doing all kinds of sound effects as you show us how it rumbles. You love to build. We found a great deal on some Clipo blocks and you love to build away. Rockets are your favorite thing right now. You always put fire on the bottom of it! You are quite the little perfectionist too. If it's not just right, you'll let us know!

You are so friendly and sociable. You do great playing indepently and could do that for a long time, but you love to play with anyone who will. Age knows no limits with you! You'll smile and charm the socks off anyone from two to one hundred and two. You'll ask anyone to play. And if they ignore you or decline, you turn up the charm and try even harder to invite them!

You are learning so much right now! You can count to ten in Spanish (almost in order!), to 14 in English, and you have a huge vocabulary. You speak so clearly. I always worried about not being able to understand my own child one day, but it is definitely not a problem!!! You do a great job saying please and thank you. You are learning how to be patient, how to not react in an upset way, how to be kind, and so many more.

You love to sing. We sing a song every night before bed. You also love to read. We do that before bed too. It's pretty special. You LOVE to color. Most of the time you remember you're supposed to color on paper, but it's no surprise these days to discover marker anywhere- your floor, sheets, rocking chair (you've sharpied that three times so far!) The other day you found my lip gloss and decided to paint the floor! We love your creative side though! I teased you yesterday that if you kept coloring we might have to give your chalk and crayons to the neighbor girl Jacy. You were SO sad about that!! Most of the time though you love to joke too. You'll even tell us stories with jokes. Your favorite right now goes like this: "Once upon a time, there were meatballs. The end!!!" You giggle and giggle and giggle after that.

We got you your first bike last week!! You are so excited to learn how to ride it!! Today we were walking on one of the old train track trails and you exclaimed, "Let's bring the bike here! we can ride it!!"

You love Jesus too. You love to go to church and sing songs and learn about God.

It has been such an incredible three years being your mama Andrew. I love you!!

He picked this for me :-)


  1. Oh, wow, Laura, this is SO endearing, it made me cry! (I'm SUCH a sap!) Andrew is SO fortunate to have a Christian Photographer for a mother. Your parents raised you well. I'm thankful for having met you, and look forward to more pictorial and textual documentations of your life as a happy family.

    And the TRAINS! Maybe he'll grow up to be a Conductor. Kyle loves trains also, and I've found that trains are a great theme for scrapbooking. Have you ever heard of or gone on the Lake Whatcom Railway? If not, it is a MUST for that little man! And definitely bring your camera! You can check it out here:

    Thanks again for posting that letter to your dear boy. I'm sure he'll appreciate it when he's older. Heck, maybe he'll even enlarge it and put it in a frame in his first apartment.

  2. He sounds like a very sweet kid. It brought back memories of when my boy was 3. Maybe we'll meet your Andrew someday.


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