Bits of Sweetness: Of wonderful husbands among other things.

Of wonderful husbands among other things.

I think it's safe to say I love my husband. No. Scratch that. I adore him. We're going on five years married, and while no, we're not perfect and each have our off days, we do have that kind of love. A committed, deep, caring, forgiving, still-give-great-kisses, sweet forever love. We have no problem dropping everything to help the other out. Or make each other's day. Today my knight in shining armor (or, as Josh would say, my dork in tin foil) came to my rescue. I was out at a photo shoot and went to leave when I heard the most awful grinding sound from my car when I turned the wheel. I called Josh and asked if he'd come out. Maybe it was the oil. I wasn't sure. He went and got oil for me and came all the way out. We filled it up, started it and it sounded good to go. Except there was that noise again! It was bad. I suggested maybe he look under the car to see if it was something broken (hopefully not!!!! Already replaced a torn part last year!!) He came up with an amused look on his face and.... a big STICK in his hand! I laughed at the humor in it. Thank the LORD it was only a stick!!!! Ohh Josh.. I love you!! Sticks and all! :-D

On a photoshoot note, the pictures I took today were lots of fun. Boyfriend and girlfriend. Here is a sneak peek.

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