Bits of Sweetness: Perfect Strawberry Milkshakes

Perfect Strawberry Milkshakes

We had the perfect summer drink tonight. No matter that it poured rain tonight. We still celebrate the season, and we do it in style too! I couldn't resist picking up some strawberries from our local farmer market store that is now open. And, I knew we had some ice cream in the freezer just needing to be used up. (I almost just typed "in the fridge." Wouldn't that have been a nice mess!!) So, to celebrate my brand new blender, here is my very own beloved strawberry milkshake recipe. (Be nice and share!)

Perfect Strawberry Milkshakes 
(makes 2 large shakes-double or adjust to make more)

Ingredients: 1/2 pint of strawberries (approx 8 strawberries)
*tip-cut off the bottoms of the berries to reduce amount of seeds*
2 TBS vanilla extract
 1/2 cup milk
3 cups ice cream 

Blend ingredients until smooth. Stir and reblend. 
Add more or less milk or ice cream to obtain desired consistency
Garnish with strawberries

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