Bits of Sweetness: Sometimes you just need to take a moment...

Sometimes you just need to take a moment...

Do you ever have one of those days? Yeah? Me too. Sometimes I forget that our son will have them too. I'll forget and automatically attribute it to him being disobedient, but sometimes, he too just has one of those off days. Today was one of those days. He wasn't getting into anything today {yay!!!} but he was asking and trying to do things he wasn't supposed to do, or was told he couldn't do right then, or wasn't capable of doing {making himself a snack in the kitchen, trying to jump off the couch, asking to watch a movie after he'd already watched one, throwing himself on the ground when told no, etc}. Those are the times when something just needs to change. Love goes so far then! I use a trick I'd use a bit when I worked in preschool- change things up and add a lot of love. I picked him up, told him I loved him, and told him a story. He perked right up. It didn't totally eliminate his off day but it sure helped. Oh Andrew, I love you!


  1. Its very easy for me to get caught up in the moment when my kids are having off days. I agree it totally helps to step back, breathe, then give them some positive attention.

  2. Life to me is like 'riding the waves' ~ up and down and somewhere in the middle ~ Love your blog ~ dropped in from Blog Frog ~ thanks again for the follow ^_^


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