Bits of Sweetness: Tulips in the rain

Tulips in the rain

A couple weeks ago, I had a photoshoot. It just had to rain. We did it indoors at a local nursery and, for being indoors, the pictures turned out great.

On my way home, I noticed that there were fields that were still full of tulips just bursting with color. {Once the tulip festival is over, they cut off the flowers to prevent disease setting in.} I. had. to. stop.  Now, mind you, it was pouring. rain. Not just sprinkling. No. It was pouring. And there were "NO Parking" signs every 20 feet. And, the parking lots were closed! But, the photographer in me just had to capture the neat look of tulips in the rain. You don't get to see that everyday! So, stop I did. It was quite the adventure!
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I think they should put a sign up that says, "Wear good shoes!!! The mud will try to kill you!!" I mean c'mon! This is Washington and all! It rains a lot. A LOT. {And really, why should I be the one to have to endure the pain in order to think of  this minor detail?? Sigh.} So, off into the fields I went. I got about two feet before the mud grabbed my feet and down I went. Camera and all! And the mud must have thought it a delightful performance because-oh! There was an encore. I slipped not once, but twice more! It was like skating. On mud. Twas fun!! And so memorable! Oh my clothing was a site. I looked like I had had a date with the mud. A little PG-13 going on there! It was everywhere! Coat? Check. Pants? double check! Camera? Check? Camera strap? Check check!! I even had to make an appearance after work after that to get my paycheck! Oh man... I can't say I didn't stop at home to change first to get rid of the evidence of my date with the mud!! Anyhow :) Here are some of the lovely pictures I was able to get! Take that mud!!

So, at this point you'd think I would have gotten some decent shots, right? Well.. yes this was after the mud had gotten the better of me. So, I left. And about five minutes later realized- "DOH! I didn't get any closeups!! That would look SO COOL! Tulips with this neat grey background with raindrops on them? I'm so there!!" But.. I was so very muddy. And needed to get Andrew. So, back home I went to change. Onward to get Andrew and forward to get pictures!! {I also changed shoes!} This time: no slipping!! I got some great shots, if I do say so myself.

Lesson learned: That unforgettable shot is {almost} always worth getting, but bring a change of clothes!!!
You never know what you might end up having a date with!!!


  1. What a great place for a photo shoot!
    They really turned out wonderfully.

  2. So beautiful, and a bit funny with the mud :o) Probably not for you though!


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