Bits of Sweetness: Before and After

Before and After


and -After-

Just one example of editing work I do. I try to not drastically change a picture but rather bring out the natural contrast and color that is already there. Sometimes I'll go big with edits to make a striking picture (more often than not with black and whites) but I usually stick with fairly simple. Sometimes I'll take out color to give it an old timey or classic look. 

Always though I go for memorable photos that leave a lasting impression and successfully capture the moment in time for my clients. That is what I delight in doing. 


  1. What editing program do you prefer to use? I can't decide. Right now I'm just using Photoshop Elements 9. I can't decide between Photoshop or Photoshop Lightroom.

  2. Shaina, I use Lightroom. There are OODLES Of free presets out there you can add to Lightroom just search free lightroom presets. I usually start with one and tweak it to my liking. (there's a few steps to it but once you get it down it's not too hard). I do use Photoshop for changing out heads or blurring the background more because you can't do the changing out heads or the blurring as well on Lightroom. I should take a class in Photoshop so I know how to use it better. For now Lightroom is my favorite.

  3. has a lot of free ones. there are a lot on adobe's site too that people have posted.


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