Bits of Sweetness: Manilla just might help save my financial life!

Manilla just might help save my financial life!

It's true. It just might. This website is amazing. Literally. It brings your bills together in one place. It lists them all and when they are due, if any are overdue, how much is due, and if you click on each one, it will give you all the info for the bill like how much is left on it if it's a credit card. Let me say it again, this site is amazing. It's also secure. And you know the best part? It is FREE. Yes. :-) No more excuses for late fees!! I found that a couple of the companies weren't on there but still, the majority (even cell phone providers and tv providers as well as magazine subscription sites) were.  Here's an example of what your home page would look like.

Go to and see for yourself why it is such an incredible site!

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