Bits of Sweetness: Photography Questions

Photography Questions

I've been asked several questions related to my photography gear and related things so here are some answers for you.

1. What kind of camera do you have?

A Canon EOS 50D Digital SLR. If you are serious about photography it is worth getting a DSLR for the quality of photos and the speed of the shutter. It's hard to find that in point and shoot cameras. They have expensive point and shoots but you might as well save a little more and get a DSLR instead. It's worth it! (Plus, point and shoots are only made to give you fantastic quality for a couple years, so instead of replacing yours every couple years, why not just save the money for one camera that will last you many more?) On a side note, It is only thanks to God that I have this camera. He provided it and I have used my photography business as a tool to bless and minister others and bring glory to Him through it.

2. Where do you get your pictures?

Costco. I've tried many places- Walmart, Target, and online places like and If I had to pick the latter I like most online sites but Costco wins hands down out of all of them. Their prices are fantastic and the quality is superb.

3. What photo editing program do you use?

Lightroom for the majority of my work. Photoshop and occasionally. If you are looking for something free or not very costly, is great! You can do a lot of edits, color enhancements, adding frames, adding "stickers", making collages, adding text to words and more! Another free program is Picasa available for download online. If you are looking for a more serious editing program I highly recommend Lightroom. I like it more than Photoshop. Everything is right there to use.

4. How do you take pictures like you do? I wish I could!

Perspective is everything. I try to bring the picture to life and make it memorable. Instead of looking down at your subject, try bending to their level (especially if you are photographing children.) Focus on details. Hands holding a flower. Eyes. Little feet. Hands holding hands. Change up the angle. More photography tips in my other blog post with a lot more tips and examples here:

5. What kinds of lenses & gear do you have?

The standard lens that came with the camera (18-135 mm), a 50mm, two wide angle/macro lenses that fit my 50mm and 72mm lenses,a flash diffuser, as well as several filters. I have a lot of fun, needless to say. If you are looking into shooting better portrait type pictures, a 50mm is worth investing in if you have a DSLR camera. Or, to work with the lens you have, just set the aperture on the lowest setting and focus on your subject with a bit of space in the background to get that blurred background effect. If the subject is really close to a building, plants, etc, the camera will have a harder time blurring the background.

Just a few of your questions. Feel free to ask more!

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  1. I found this post helpful. I've been looking for something more than the camera I have borrowed from my children....I'm going to check this out....because I can't get the detail I want with what i've got..thanks and have a great day.


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