Bits of Sweetness: Random Wednesdays: Dream Vacation Spot

Random Wednesdays: Dream Vacation Spot


I've always wanted to travel to Rome. Something about the city has such a classic, romantic feel to it. All the history. All the beautiful architechture. All the local flavor. All the delicious food. It would be a trip to remember. All the things to photograph. It would be a dream. Not to mention a fabulous anniversary trip with my beloved husband. One plus with our anniversary is that it's in September after the busy busy summer travel time so tickets are usually cheaper.  Now to just get a fabulous Shabby Apple dress like this one to go with my oh-so-lovely trip.

What is your dream vacation spot? Link up below

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  1. I'd love to see Austria and Venice, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Montreal, Carmel-by-the-Sea..... so many places I'd love to see!


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