Bits of Sweetness: Black is back

Black is back

For those of you who haven't witnessed history yet, check out the video that started it all.

For more awesomeness,check out the deeper meaning to the song. (supposedly a joke)

And now, her next hit is out.

Now, it would seem like she can sing. One problem. It's auto tuned beyond belief. It sounds nothing like her at all. Which would make it a lie. And apparently she could do concerts and they could just play her auto tuned voice and she could lip sych along. No one would ever know. And she and her family would be all the richer for it.

I don't have a problem with kids having fun, and don't think they have to be oober-talented to do so, but my problem is in the fact that it's fame that has been bought, not earned at all, and it's all just an auto tuned lie. Sad day and age we're in. Her parents are paying for this dream. It makes you wonder what they're teaching her through this. Do anything to reach your dream honey! It's ok if you lie a little. No one will know! And if they do, oh well! You'll be rich!   

"For the love of money is the root of all evil."

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