Bits of Sweetness: Brandon & Nikki {Engagement shoot}

Brandon & Nikki {Engagement shoot}

I am probably my hardest critic with my photography(aren't we all our worst critic though?). I always come away from a shoot thinking, oh man why didn't I get that one shot?! Or, what was I thinking doing that?! But, I've never yet had pictures that didn't still turn out really well. I love these. Brandon & Nikki are getting married in less than two months! I am so excited! Here's to forever you two! (Now tell me, what are your favorites of these?)


  1. Beautiful pics!
    Hey what's up with post it notes?

  2. Thank you!

    The Post-it notes are part of a project I'm doing to leave my hubs appreciative notes from day to day, as a measure to actively show more appreciation for him. After 30 days I'm going to leave notes for random strangers- bank teller, barista at starbucks, cashier at the store, etc. It's a fun way to leave some cheer and it doesn't take much to do! You can follow me on the Facebook page for it


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