Bits of Sweetness: Deception Pass boat ride

Deception Pass boat ride

I love where we live. The beauty is amazing. A couple months ago, Groupon ran a deal for a boat ride at Deception Pass. I couldn't pass it up (hehe). Our weather has been quite bipolar lately. Today it was rainy this morning and lovely and sunny in the afternoon. (What is up with that?!) Yesterday, when we had a beautiful day I thought it would be the perfect day to go since we had nothing planned and the weather was amazing for a boat ride! I am thankful my dad had his camera because mine was at home!!

We stopped at a little beach along the way where Andrew had a blast making a sandcastle, exploring and playing with the kids there.

Enthralled by the bulb seaweed
Loving the waves!

After that it was off to our boat ride!

Andrew enjoyed his snacks and loved the waves. He squealed with glee when we went fast and the boat started "jumping" the waves (as he put it). He told the boat, "Jump boat, jump!"

We went right under the Deception Pass bridge! It was amazing!

All three of us

After that it was off to Deception Pass beach to play. Andrew found big rocks to make huge splashes.

Mama and Andrew (see Deception Pass bridge in the background?)

Papa and Andrew

Just me

Andrew and his superhero!

We couldn't pass up the yummy ice cream at the end! It was, as Andrew would say, "Deeee-wicious!"

Definitely a day to remember!! I am so glad we decided to go!


  1. That looked like a really fun day! Spontanious (sp) family times are sometimes the best :o) Your pictures always make me miss the Northwest...

  2. I just found your blog on blog frog and am a new follower. Deception pass looks absolutely beautiful. What a fun adventure to have! Looking forward to reading more of your blog- you have a gorgeous family! :)


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