Bits of Sweetness: The Post-It Note Project

The Post-It Note Project

You've heard of passing a good deed on. Well why not be the one to start one instead? I am going on a mission to put a smile on the face of several people I know, starting with my husband. For the first thirty days, I am going to leave a Post-It note each day with a message of appreciation or motivational thought in random places where I know he will find them- on the bathroom mirror,in his shoe, wallet, clothes, etc. For the next thirty days after that I am going to leave Post-It notes with notes of appreciation or motivational thoughts with random people- friends,family & strangers alike! I thought this might be a fun thing to start. Who knows. Maybe it will catch on! But that only happens if YOU join in! I am going to post several of the notes that I leave and would LOVE to hear yours too! Let's start something good! And, hey- you can leave notes for whoever you would like! And for however many days! My goal is to get through as many packs of Post-It notes as I can! You can follow on my page here:

Day one:

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  1. What a sweet idea! I definitely will try a few encouraging notes for at least my hubby...but it's making me want to spread the joy! May need to run to the corner store for some post-its real-quick :)


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