Bits of Sweetness: Before & After

Before & After

Great photography is getting a photo that needs no editing. Photography is an ongoing learning process though! And sometimes you get a photo that still needs some editing. Editing should bring out the best in a picture. There is a fine line between over-edited and just-right. Of course, personal preference has a lot to do with it! Some prefer little to no edits while some like heavily edited. Skill goes into it too! Here is an example of a before and after. I love the photo. It was taken today by my best friend's mom. We've been friends for twelve years. Saturday she will be moving to California. I am trying not to think about it because I know I will probably cry if I do. On the other side though, the fact that I am feeling so sentimental is a great indicator of the wonderful friendship we share. It has been said that the best part about good friends is that they are able to pick up right where they left off. It is so true! Love you Ashley! Thank you for giving me another great reason to come to California!

This is a  before/after from a photoshoot I did today. 

Just a few examples of photography work I do!


  1. True great friends are such a blessing! I spent all day yesterday with a dear friend. She and her family moved two hours south so it was a huge treat to gab with her all day long :o)

  2. Love it. I'm trying to get better at the editing process. Black and whites are still giving me a hige headache!

    I found your blog through blog frog and now follow :) Can't wait to read more.


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