Bits of Sweetness: Black and white photo of the day

Black and white photo of the day

This wasn't taken outside! Just at a birthday party I went to today! Isn't she beautiful? 

The best tips with black and white photos are to adjust the contrast, exposure, and bring out the dark areas/blacks a little more. Sometimes I'll use a paint tool and brighten a spot a little too but, I like the shadows in this one too much to do that. Black and white photos make a powerful statement. They are my most-requested kind of photo. Here's one trick though if you're a photographer or taking photos- don't take your original in black and white! Always take it in color! It's easier to edit it if the original is in color, plus later on you might decide you like the color version better! 

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  1. I love black and white pictures. That little girl is really cute, I bet her mom loves the picture you took!


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