Bits of Sweetness: Just another Monday (aka fun with Korean friends!)

Just another Monday (aka fun with Korean friends!)

Six years ago, I got to go to South Korea to teach English as part of a missions trip with AWANA. It was unforgettable! Sunday night I found out some friends from Korea were in the Tacoma area. Amazingly, I was going to be down there on Monday anyways taking pictures of my cousin's little girl Ava! God is SO amazing with how he works things out! What a fun day!
First were some photos of Ava. She is six months now!! (You would never know she just had her shots earlier!)

 After that we headed down south to see our Korean friends.We had a great view of Mount Rainier!

Andrew wasted no time getting to the trampoline! This little one has sprouted some wings of confidence!

Before long, he will be doing flips!

 The Korean girls were so sweet. They took great care of Andrew, making sure he was ok when he fell!
 We were introduced to doughboys. You take biscuit dough and stretch it over a wide stick,
cooking it over the coals, turning & turning it. When it's browned, you take it off, and fill it with butter & jelly.


Us and our Korean friend Nathan

What a great day! I am so thankful it worked out to go!

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  1. Isnt it neat how some friends you dont see for years and years but you see them again and it seems like it was only yesterday that you had seen them? I love that.


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