Bits of Sweetness: Latest favorite song

Latest favorite song

I've loved the Newsboys for a long time. Their awesome Australian accent. Their great songs. Some fun. Some serious worship. All a great reminder of God's love and sacrifice on the cross and our response to that love.

Peter Furler (former lead singer of the group) recently came out with a great song called "Reach." I can't quit playing it. The lyrics are beautiful.

{vs 1}
You hold the weight of the world
Still I don't slip through your hands.
Your love is bigger than just an ocean built by man.
I fall again and again but you whisper you're still mine.
You feel the pain of the world, but you never push mine aside.
And you reach for me
With a love that quiets all my fears.
And you reach for me
Like a father wipes away the tears.
So many people in this world, but I hear you calling out my name
You reach for me now I'm never gonna be the same.
{vs 2}
You know all of my fears there's nothing your eyes can't see.
When I tried to give up Lord you never gave up on me.
I give you all of my hopes and dreams, I lay them down.
Of all the places I've looked you're the one Truth I have found.

Now that you've read the lyrics, here is the song.

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  1. I like this song too! Have you heard the new one from Jamie Grace called "Hold me"?


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