Bits of Sweetness: Getting a little crafty

Getting a little crafty

I love to craft. I love making things. One of my favorite sites is  Another is  Both have fun diy ideas. I found this on pinterest today.

Definitely on my to-do list. The butterflies are made out of cardstock. Guess what the brown part is? 
Paper bags. :-)  Directions can be found here.

Pinterest is also amazing for food ideas. Tons of yummy amazing-looking ideas there!

One craft of mine that I have made several of is a fabric flower ring. I decided to take the instructions a step further and do earrings too. Here is a photo:

Instructions can be found here.

This year, I am going to try to make as many Christmas gifts as I can. I have to be careful though because some of the projects can end up costing more than buying a gift would have! Some of the gifts I might make at a local ceramics shop (some of the grandparent gifts especially from Andrew :-) ) What crafty things have you been making lately?


  1. I can't believe that wreath is made out of paper bags!!! That is so adorable! Talk about a cute way to recycle!

    I love Pinterest too!! It is so fun! Have I followed you? I forget. LOL

  2. that wreath is beautiful! Pinterest is very addicting :)


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