Bits of Sweetness: On an organizational kick

On an organizational kick

I love being organized (who doesn't?!) but organization is most definitely not my strong point! I have a hard time seeing great ideas and keeping things nice and in order. I notice it when it is long past unorganized, and at that point, I would rather just a)leave it and just walk around it/ignore it or b)get everything in boxes or bags, no matter how random the content, and put in our garage or closets. It only works for so long! It's pretty hard to find things that are who-knows-where! I am working at changing all of that though!! Eventually we are going to move, and I don't want it to be like our first move- organized chaos packed into boxes (it doesn't work very well, believe me!) So, room by room, box by box, bag by bag, I am going through everything and doing something with it. Today I was at Target and was wanting to find something to organize our son's toy area in the living room. I didn't want to pay more than $40 though. Everything I found was either too small, not what I was thinking of, or too expensive. I stumbled upon a double shelf piece and had some great ideas for what I could do with it. The hubby and I set to work and within half an hour we had a great piece of furniture that could finally contain the toys! Check out the before and after!!

I went through every single toy he had and pulled some out to go into a toy rotation so he can enjoy his toys more, and I can rotate them when he starts to get bored with the ones out right now. I was going to put all the other books into the rotation/storage bin, but realized that the ottoman (pictured on the right) would make great storage for them. See the three-drawer storage container on the left? Since toys no longer reside in it, it needed a good use. I happily realized it would work perfect for my fabric and craft items that were sprawled out on our craft table coffee table.

I found everything I needed to make the beautiful wreath I posted about earlier. I am SO excited! Pictures of that soon! I found beautiful vinyl wall art at the dollar store to go near the wreath too. (Check out your Dollar Tree to see if yours has the wall art! It is beautiful and they have several varieties. They also have themed kids room stickers too. Can't beat the price!!)

Ahh. I keep saying that!! It is such a blissful thing to have some organization!!


  1. What an efficient, CUTE reorganization! Gotta love when things come together like that :) Also, you are just all sorts of helpful with your Dollar Tree tips today: I've been planning on purchasing some wall stickers to pack for when we move overseas later this year. Our home over there will be furnished and I wanted to bring something simple that the kids would enjoy decorating their new rooms with (but wouldn't take up too much of our precious shipping allowance!) So thanks for the heads-up!


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