Bits of Sweetness: 30 Day Courageous Parenting Challenge: Day 1

30 Day Courageous Parenting Challenge: Day 1

Let's face it: Being a parent has some tough moments! Think back to those blissful thoughts about having a sweet little baby to hold and love. to comfort and nourish. You dreamily thought about the tender moments you would share in your child's life, and the peaceful, blissfulness of it all. Fast-forward to reality. Those sweet little moments are punctuated by Cheerios spilled across the entire kitchen floor in a moment of toddler independence; by shrieks,laughter, and tears; by more messes than you could have ever imagined. Where are those blissful moments?! They are there! They are just surrounded by the reality of life as a parent. 

The hubby and I recently saw Courageous. (Fantastic movie. Go see it while it is still in theaters!!) While the message is mainly for men, to challenge them as fathers and men to step up more, I really took it to heart as well. I left challenged to be more present as a parent (think: the times where we send our children away to play or plop them down in a movie so we can have more time on the computer= not being as present as we could be). It also challenged me to cherish each moment. 
I decided to start a month-long challenge and post something different every day. I am posting it on my own Facebook page but thought I would post it here as well. You are welcome to join in! Feel free to comment with thoughts or check in and let me know how it's going! Grab the button below too to add to your blog if you join in!

 Day 1: 1 Corinthians 13:4- Love is patient, love is kind. When we treat the frustrating or irritating moments of parenting as an inconvenience or chalk it up to our children "just not learning" we miss out on the real purpose of parenting.-to lovingly teach our children with an abundance of grace and understanding. Today,decide to treat the irritating moments as a chance to show extra love & grace

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