Bits of Sweetness: 30 Day Courageous Parenting Challenge: Day 3

30 Day Courageous Parenting Challenge: Day 3

Thirty Day Courageous Parenting Challenge Day 3:

Psalms 103:13 ESV As a father shows compassion to his children, so the LORD shows compassion to those who fear him.

Imagine this: You have told your child, at least ten times, that they need to be ready for the test they have coming up. They ignore your instruction and fail the test. It's pretty hard to feel compassion for them! If you have younger children, think about the times you have told them not to get into something. They do, and then get hurt! What is our instant response as parents most of the time? Something along the lines of "they asked for it!"? Psalms 103:13 tells us that we are to show the same compassion God shows us. It's giving the hug and the love rather than the instant reprimand. Sometimes kids also need to learn on their own! (next time, remind them once, and let them know the rest is up to them!) I bet they DID learn their lesson from their unfortunate results! And if not, there is still always room for more compassion on our end.
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