Bits of Sweetness: 30 Day Courageous Parenting Challenge: Day 6

30 Day Courageous Parenting Challenge: Day 6

30 Day Courageous Parenting Challenge Day 6:

There is no such thing as a perfect parent so just be a real one. – Sue Atkins

We can live our days trying to be "those parents"- you know... the ones that have it all together, who never yell at their kids, whose homes look like the pages of a magazine, who do a bazillion fun things with their children, who always have them in the cutest clothes? Yeah well guess what? Even the "perfect" parents have imperfections and things that aren't so perfect! The fact is, no one is ever going to have it all together! While we need to make our effort to be good parents, it's ok to let the laundry or dishes go a day. it's ok if their outfit isn't perfectly coordinated, or if some days you don't get dinner on the table until 7 pm (or breakfast made until 11am). It's OK! Those days happen! Learn to make the most out of every imperfect moment. After all, times together with your kids and the memories made are going to stick around far longer than the unvacuumed floor. (hey! Maybe make family fun out of cleaning. See who can pick things up the fastest! Or race to see who can get which job done the fastest! Mom and dad- you don't have to do it all! Even the little ones can help there! More on that later!)

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