Bits of Sweetness: Fun traditions

Fun traditions

What fun fall traditions do you have?  It's funny the things that end up becoming traditions; the things you don't plan on doing the next year but realize how much you enjoyed it the year before. Our tradition of visiting a local farm every October is like that. They have a huge festival with tons of activities.  Andrew wasn't even a year old the first time we took him.

It was hard to imagine what he would be like a whole year later!

It became a tradition for sure after that! There are so many great activities- a barrel train ride, fall treats, a corn maze, hay ride, little petting farm, yellow brick road to a rainbow garden, and a kids' playground made out of big tires, huge pipe slides and old boats. It's been fun to see how Andrew has grown over the years! In 2010, I had my awesome new Canon 50D that I had just gotten, so there were many more photos taken!

This year I took over 200 photos. I blame it on the new lens :-) 

I couldn't pick just a few to go into one collage, so here are some favorites in several collages :-)

It's funny to compare these two family photos from 2008 and recently
(the camera makes a huge huge difference I will say!! Point and shoot versus DSLR{sooc} )!

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  1. Very cute pictures of your sweet boy and family. We mostly have get together at our house type traditions... This year we're going to a corn maze, maybe that will become tradition?


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