Bits of Sweetness: 25 Questions, Holiday style!

25 Questions, Holiday style!

My lovely friend Ashley over at Mommy... A work in Progress did this fun Holiday version of 25 Questions and I thought I'd join in.{Go check out her blog while you're at it! She is not only a great friend of mine but also a great blogger. She is always posting cute stories about her kids, life, and neat craft ideas.}

25 Questions: Holiday Style

Eggnog or hot chocolate?
Home made hot chocolate with a hint of cinnamon, vanilla, and of course lots of chocolate!

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
What fun would Christmas be without the memories of sitting around the tree, lights sparkling, a presents to unwrap? Definitely wrap presents! (plus the 4 year old wouldn't do so well with unwrapped gifts just sitting under the tree!)

Colored lights on tree/house or white?
I love white lights. But this year all I could find was colored so colored it is!!

When do you hang your decorations up?
Before my birthday December 2nd. It's a must! Taking them down is another story. I love the holiday season. One year it was pretty funny because the box for our tree was in a storage shed we lost the key to the lock and so, our tree was up until July! True story!

What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?
The traditional pull apart bread we have for Christmas breakfast every year. My mom made it Christmas morning every single year for us, and I have gladly carried on the tradition!

Favorite holiday memory as a child?
Going to see lights downtown Salt Lake City. They used to do these fabulous, fun themed windows in the old ZCMI store(One year it was scenes made out of candy!) When the store changed ownership, they stopped doing that. Other fun traditions were going and driving around to see lights. One neighborhood always did (and probably still does)a scene from "the Night Before Christmas" at each house. Another neighborhood did the Christmas story. And always always going out to the mall Christmas shopping as a family close to Christmas. Lots of great memories!

What is on your Christmas wish list?
Fuzzy socks, sweaters, jewelry, gift cards to places like Starbucks & Target, board/card games- nothing big but fun still.

Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve?
When I was growing up, I could never stand to wait until Christmas morning so we had a tradition of opening a few gifts Christmas Eve. We've carried that on! Usually we do Christmas with my dad on Christmas Eve so now it's a given that we get to open presents then :)

How do you decorate your Christmas tree?
Blue, gold, & silver ornaments from Target. And many adorable Andrew-made ones. Those are my favorite.

Snow? Love it or dread it?
Love playing in it and staying cozy and warm inside if it's a snowstorm. Driving in it though? Not so much.

Do you remember your favorite gift?
Andrew. He was born just a few weeks before Christmas. Best Christmas present ever.

What’s the most important thing about Christmas for you?
Getting to spend time with family and the memories made

What is your favorite holiday dessert?
Cheesecake. Yum.

What is your favorite tradition?
Finding the perfect gift, hot cocoa with family, Christmas/Christmas Eve breakfast & dinner. Putting up lights & ornaments on the tree.

What tops your tree?
Nothing right now. I still need to find that perfect tree topper!

Do you prefer giving or receiving?
I love both. It is so fun to find just the right gifts for friends & family, but I also love receiving gifts too.

What is your favorite Christmas song?
Any well done not over the top version of Oh Holy Night, along with about 30 others :) Any song off the Carpenter's: Christmas Portrait album. Fave from childhood. {Thank you dad :) }

Candy canes, yuck or yum?

Favorite Christmas movie?
any good Hallmark one. Or Home Alone 1 & 2

What do you leave for Santa?
Nothing :) Growing up, we knew he wasn't real but we still had fun pretending.

Do you have a Christmas morning tradition?
Oh yes. Pull Apart bread & presents.

Do you prefer to shop on-line or at the mall?
Lately online. I've found better deals, especially starting early in the year.

Christmas letter or Christmas card?
Why not both?! I love hearing news from the last year from friends & family

If you feel like playing along, answer a question or two and leave it in the comment section.... or better yet, do a blog post about it and let me know! I would love to see your answers!


  1. We once kept our tree up until October, because we were living in my grandparents basement. The only reason we took it down then is because the basement flooded. We made fun of Mom for leaving it up almost the entire time.
    Home Alone 1 and 2 are my favorites too!

  2. ahh.... Thanks Laura! I liked reading your answers! Almost all my ornaments are from Target too. You will have to give me your recipe for the pull apart bread.


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