Bits of Sweetness: Four years!

Four years!

I totally forgot to post this on our son's birthday, so here you go!!

December 7, 2011

Dear Andrew,

You are four years old now!!! Where did the time go?
Just four years ago we were rushing to the hospital,
 anxiously awaiting your arrival. You were nine days
late so we were definitely eager to meet you!

You are such a delightful four-year-old! You have
such a contagious enthusiasm for life. We sure love it!
It wouldn't matter if it was only a pretty leaf on a walk,
or a book someone gave you, or a beautiful sky, or
a day with Papa. You are in love with life, and it is
so refreshing.

You are one smart cookie too! I was reading
Charlotte's Web to you yesterday like we always
do at bedtime (it's our special time!) and you read
your first word, all by yourself!!! I was so proud of you!!!!!
You can count to twenty in English, and ten in Spanish. You've started picking up on a ton of Spanish words (probably thanks to Dora & Diego, two of your favorite shows! ) You know all your shapes and memorize things so easily. You have lots of Cubbies verses memorized already and continue to learn even more.

 You love to sing and break out into many cute songs a day. Some of your favorites are Twinkle Little Star,  Away in a Manger, How Great is Our God (the first song you memorized from church!), It's Raining It's Pouring, ABCs, and more every day. You ask so many many great questions about life (amazingly, you don't ask {and have never asked} "why"!!You ask way more specific questions. I love it!) If I tell you we are going to the store, you'll ask, "What are we getting there?" Or if we are leaving, you'll ask, "Where are we going to next?" (Usually to find out if we are going home next so you can suggest a great alternative plan!) You love to plan. You'll ask what day it is tomorrow, and what we are doing. You are great at coming up with a great plan for the day, even if we already have plans. You are so adorable in how you suggest it too. You have the cutest little twinkle in your eye, and grin on your face, and will say so enchantingly and eagerly, "I know! I have an idea! Let's go to Papa's house tomorrow! That will be fun!!"

{ Birthday party with your
requested flip flop cake!! :)  }

You have such a sense of humor. It's amazing.
You totally get it. You know what makes people laugh.
(See photo :) )

 You are short but you don't even know it (10th percentile in height and weight! You definitely came by that honestly!) In fact your latest reasoning is that, "I can do it!(or "it's ok!") I'm tall enough!!" You apply this (so cutely!) to so many different things- trying to have daddy's mountain dew, staying up late, not listening... oh you are adorable. You are incredibly logical too. Even at the age of 4. Which... does make us laugh sometimes (because, um, being tall doesn't quite have much to do with you not listening!!) But oh we love you! You care about people too. You want to make sure they're ok. It's so sweet to see you caring about your friends and family. If they get hurt, or if they are sad, you do whatever you can to make them feel better. It has been an amazing four years Andrew. I am so thankful to be your mama. Those 21 hours of labor were totally completely worth it!

We love you Andrew!

Happy Birthday!!!!!

{Birthday boy with your chocolate milk treat!}

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  1. He sounds like a sweet kid :o) Happy birthday Andrew!
    PS 4 is a really fun age, I call it the fabulous 4's :o)


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