Bits of Sweetness: If you care about the girls or women in your life, read this!

If you care about the girls or women in your life, read this!

Most of us take our safety for granted, especially online. But, what you don't know could hurt your family, especially if you have a daughter, and most definitely if she has an account on a social network. It is general wisdom to not add people you don't know on social networks, but that line can easily become blurred for kids and teens who find people they don't know(or, in many cases, people they don't know contact them) who seem trustworthy.  This is a paedophile's hayday. Take a second to read this article. It was written a year ago but has some very valuable words of wisdom and caution. Consider it a wakeup call. Paedophiles are now starting "online modeling agencies" where teenage girls can submit photos to model online. They may be literally signing their life away though. The owners of these sites can demand more and more photos, asking for more risque photos. These photos are usually doctored. Submitting photos may easily give them permission to do whatever they so wish with that photo. Including stripping all or most clothing away and putting it wherever they would like online. Gross? Yes. But it is a scary reality. These site owners (aka, paedophiles) are not sweet and kind either. They make demands and if you do not meet those demands, you very well may find yourself up against a scary threat, involving your own life. Some of our friends recently had to contact the FBI and local police because their own daughter received serious threats after being involved in these modeling sites and not wanting to comply with their twisted requests. They seemed harmless enough at first (and, some of them are, but better to be safe than sorry; it's almost impossible to know which sites aren't run by paedophiles.) Parents: BE aware of what your children are doing! Paedophiles know just how to worm their way into the lives of young girls in what turns into very inappropriate, scary ways. If you haven't installed a good web monitor, now may be the time to do so. (Netnanny is a great one!) But, more importantly, keep the lines of communication open with your daughters. A good relationship is key to being able to be in her world (even if it's just a little).  Teach your daughter how to be wise, discerning, and on guard. If you find that your daughter has been in contact with people she does not know, or on a modeling website, don't rake her over the coals for it. Be loving and explain the serious dangers of being friends with people you don't know. People can be anyone they wish to be online. The scary thing about these people is that some of them are being honest about their older age, and girls are falling for the thrill and intrigue of it. It's also brings another question to light- do our daughters know they are valued and loved? If you don't already, make an effort to convey that. It's especially important for dads to do this. If a girl doesn't find affection and affirmation of her worth and beauty from her dad, she may look for it in the form of a charming young man. Dads, take your daughters on dates. Model for her how a real man should treat her so she doesn't settle for the creeps that pose as prince charming.
Some eye-opening thoughts for us all today.

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  1. I read a book by either Dee Hendreson or Terri Blackstock about online predators. It FREAKED ME OUT! I almost stopped blogging. But Im addicted.


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