Bits of Sweetness: A Very Merry Bloggy Week of Christmas: Guest Post!

A Very Merry Bloggy Week of Christmas: Guest Post!

Today's post is from Melanie who writes the delightful blog Keeping up with The Cantelmo's. Melanie is one of my favorite bloggers I follow. There is always a fun article to read whether about life with her hubby & three adorable kiddos, her great sense of style, or passion for helping people.
 So, without further ado, our guest post for the day. Enjoy!

Hi! My name is Melanie and I have a little blog over here.
I blog about my faith, family, and marriage. Sometimes I share easy crafts that even I can do. This is huge because I am a free spirit that isn’t artistic and lacks any sort of detail orientation.
Today I am going to share with you two easy frames that will make great Christmas gifts. The best part, they don’t cost a log of money and they are super personal.
The grandparents will love it and your pocket book too!

Alright, lets get creating….

Super duper easy canvas frame

Canvas board

Wrap fabric tightly around canvas board
Glue down (or staple)
Place photo on the front

Easy huh?
Okay, here is the next one...
Mod Podge Frame Supplies:
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Sponge Brush
Mod Podge roller thingy (I didn’t have one so mine turned out bumpy)
Nail file
Hot glue gun
 First paint your frame and let it dry
Once your paint is nice and dry trace your frame onto your paper and cut it out

the paper I used is your everyday wrapping paper

Next use a sponge brush to put the Mod Podge onto your frame
Then lay your paper onto your frame
 If you have a roller thingy, now is the time to roll it over your frame to get the bubbles out
 I don’t know what I did with my roller thing, so unfortunately mine has bubbles
Can you see them?
I am going to have to buy a roller thing so I can get those bubbles out for the next frame
Then let it dry
Or if you are super impatient like me, go ahead and put the top coat of Mod Podge on top

Once the topcoat dries
Use the nail file to even out the edges 
Now you can glue a pretty jewel down
So fun!
 Jewels make things so much more fun!

The printable in the frame is from here

Hope yours turns out better than mine!


  1. Turned out really good! I didn't know there were rolly things for modge podge. I must invest in one!

  2. Both projects turned out very cute. I've done the second one before. Mod Podge is like my favorite invention ever now :p


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