Bits of Sweetness: Getting our fill

Getting our fill

Love: :
Eggnog lattes.
Time with family. 
Last minute roadtrips
The perfect cup of hot cocoa. 
Finding that amazing sweater on clearance.

That has been my last two weeks. Oh, we have gotten our fill of Christmas time. {Have we ever!} I love it. It's like this amazing sensation that you don't want to leave. It tingles you toes and warms your heart. 
I don't even mind having the merriment continue past Christmas. Part of that might have to do with the fact that I try to limit how many things we do, so I am not burnt out (after all, what fun is Christmas then?!). {It really is ok to say no to the extra parties, and to take family time over another Christmas concert or event. You will not be less of a person for doing so! Also- family is important but so is your sanity and a balance. It's ok to trade off years with whom you see and not try to get in everyone at once.} I have a custom Christmas playlist I don't grow tired of. I don't particularly care for the radio mix, (what about you?) but my own mix? Bring it on! The reason for the season is a beautiful Savior who came to Earth because he loves me that much. Why not celebrate that? :-)

.on my playlist.
She & Him
TransSiberian Orchestra
Josh Groban
Jim Brickman
Sixpence None the Richer
John Denver
MercyMe (love love love Joseph's Song)
Third Day

and.. many more. So many more. Too many to list. Holiday music is better when you don't have to listen to "And oh happy Christmas" again.. and again...and again.... Some songs just.. don't.. quite.. belong. {Know what I mean?} I don't know about you, but I would rather listen to the glorious strains of "Oh Holy Night" or "How Many Kings" rather than "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer." 

Want to know a confession of mine? I didn't take any pictures this year on Christmas Day. And, to be honest,  I don't really feel that bad about it. I guess the photographer side of me and the mom side of me have blissfully blended and have decided that you know what, pictures are great. I am all for pictures, but you know what? There is something beautiful about just enjoying the moment. It's not the end of the world if one Christmas isn't documented ( I mean really, what kids look back and are eternally scarred because their mom didn't take photos of one event?! I don't think many... or any?!) I am loving the balance between photographing the moment and just being in the moment.

I did get some great pictures of Christmas Eve though. We decided, despite the rain where we were, to venture to the mountains where there was snow and go sledding!! It was incredible. Soothing to the soul. Why?

I love snow!!! 

Love it. The coziness of being bundled up. The crunching snow beneath my boots. The thrill of going down a hill. The panting and shortness of breath attempting to climb that  gigantic mountain that mere seconds ago seemed like a small hill. The hot cocoa afterwards. But best of all, the memories shared. {I also grew up around mountains so snow just runs in my blood!}Another reason I wanted to go sledding though.

My brother is going into the military. He leaves in a month. I'm trying not to think about it (because I am hopelessly sentimental and tear up way too easily. Plus thinking about it means thinking that, "Sigh. This is the last time we get to go sledding. This is the last time we get to share Christmas. This is the last....." and so on.). I am, however, trying to make the most out of our times together before he leaves. After all, it is a great thing that he is doing! I am excited for him! We all had a blast sledding. Some pictures of our fun.
 (Josh had to work :( But joined us in the evening for presents and dinner.)


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{I am behind posting, I know! I was enjoying time with family. Can you blame me?! :) More posts to come this week, no doubt!! }

How was your Christmas? Feel free to link up to your post about Christmas!

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