Bits of Sweetness: (in)spired deals review & giveaway!

(in)spired deals review & giveaway!

This is a Dayspring (in)spired deals sponsored review.
 I was given this product to review by Dayspring. 
All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I love getting personal mail. Love it. I miss the "good ol' days" of sending snail mail. I would run out to the mailbox, baited breath, and eagerly open the box, thumbing through the pieces of mail to see if any held my name. I had several penpals growing up and cherished mail from every single one of them. We wrote about life, about our hopes, thoughts, and dreams. {Confession: I still have almost every letter saved in shoeboxes! They are sweet to read through! I am one of those sentimental people who save almost every single letter and card people send me because, I appreciate the thought and don't want to throw away their carefully chosen words. -Note I said "almost every" though because it would be space-consuming to save that many years of cards ;-) } 

This month, Dayspring's theme is "Encourage One Another." I love getting personal mail but even more than that, I absolutely love to give and send mail to others. I am all for encouraging people I know! Think about the last time you received a card that just made your day. It's one of those things you don't forget, isn't it? It touches me to think that someone cared that much to send me a card! I love to do the same!

I had the opportunity to review some of Dayspring's wonderful cards as part of their (in)spired deals reviews for bloggers.

Dayspring sent me a package of adorable Peanuts Thank-you cards and another of a mix of other great encouraging cards. I was challenged to send out ten cards. I gladly embraced that challenge!

Andrew wanted to add his own special touch, and send a special note to our Aunt Judy who we were blessed to spend a week with after Christmas. Children are never too young to add their touch to cards and to learn the meaning of showing appreciation!

This month, I am pleased to be offering a $20 giveaway to Dayspring's site for one lucky reader. 

I could spend a long time on their site!
They have beautiful, tasteful home decor and cards with a great message.
Even better, the prices are very reasonable! 
Some favorites from this month:

{I love the beautiful scroll work on it! They also have it in taupe and it's on sale! Dishwasher & microwave safe}

{This is deeply discounted right now! More than half off!}

They have great gifts too

How darling is this little baby hat?

And any of their beautiful cards. They feature some great collections like Peanuts and Really Woolley (the baby hat is from the Really Woolley baby collection. The items are darling and would make perfect gifts or something for your own baby! The prices are reasonable too.)
{That card on top? The ice cream one? It's perfect. "It's hard to imagine a world without ice cream."
The inside says "or you. Thanks for being a great friend!" I sent that to a special friend of mine :) }

This month, take a second to pick up some cards at Dayspring's site and send some encouragement to people you know! {they even sell boxed sets so you get a bunch of great ones to send!}

To enter the $20 giveaway, simply comment on the blog with who you would send a card to, to show some encouragement! 

{Giveaway ends 1/20/2012 at 11:59 PM}


  1. Oh, great blog post and giveaway. I would like to send a card to Jenna. She REALLY needs encouragement:

  2. send one to my aunt who is terminally ill

  3. I would send a card to my husband's grandmother who doesn't live nearby and hasn't met our daughter yet.

  4. I would send a card to my mom, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer (but thankfully is doing great!:)) But I know she would appreciate the encouragement!


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