Bits of Sweetness: Midweek Confessions 1/11/2011

Midweek Confessions 1/11/2011

Linking up with E, Myself, and I to do another fun Midweek Confessions post. 

1) I've been singing the "ABC" song  from the Hooked on Phonics DVD all day. 
{I've even caught Josh humming it too ;-) } Andrew is reading small words so it must be working?!

2) I procrastinate too much. Right now I should probably get back to writing down the zillion medical terminology terms for my class. But alas here I write away on Blogger ;-) (after this. Promise!)

3) I threw away a bag of candy today. Serious. Because, really, what was I thinking buying it on clearance?? We don't need it and Andrew just keeps getting it down after finding about ten wrappers on the ground, I decided we'd had enough. No more clearance candy! It's good but... getting it dirt cheap is way too tempting to "stock up." ha.

4) I have nooo idea what we're having for dinner. Hmm. 

5) I wore a pair of Josh's (clean) socks yesterday (his feet aren't much bigger than mine) because we were short on time and it was the easiest pair to grab.

6) I'm hooked on Glee & Teen Mom 2 & any HGTV shows. Although, have to say, I'm more into Glee for the amazing covers, fun mashups, and great original songs  than the storyline. For the latter show though, the drama is interesting to follow. One of those shows you don't know why you watch but you just keep wanting to see the next one to see what happens. HGTV- I just drool over the ingenious decorating ideas. and beautiful houses and rooms. Someday.. someday...

7) I watched this creepy family-went-missing story on E last night. Yeah.. I'm still wondering why I did that... I was creeped out last night at every sound! Ahh. Silly me!

8) I may or may not have made hot dogs with mashed potatoes & cheese on top for dinner this week.

9) But to make up for that (it's good! hey! lol) I made home made parmesan herb breadsticks that were amazing to go with lasagna later in the week. MMM. Definite hit.

10) I love the mystery shopping network I signed up for. A lot. (Ok not so much a confession as a fun thing from this week.) Serious. I've already signed up for three shops within a few days of singing up (which, is  free to sign up with! ) A lot of major companies are signed up with them for you to do secret shops for them to get feedback from (Applebees, car dealerships, Best Buy, etc) Free date night anyone?? (You do have to pay for the shops if required and they compensate you if you do the shop correctly but they give detailed instructions :) Some of them you get paid a flat rate and don't have to pay anything out of pocket )

I'd love your confessions! Feel free to link up or comment! (it doesn't have to be 10 confessions)


  1. I hear ya about clearanced candy! I dont like to give much to the kids so guess who ends up eating most of it? That would be me...
    I wore my hubbys socks for two days in a row because I needed to put laundry away,lol. Only our feet are no where close to the same size. Im a 9 womens and hes a 13 mens! Haha, yes they were big :o)

  2. LOV the post! Here's mine...I threw away half a pan of brownies this week after LSU lost. I NEVER know what I'm having for dinner. Often times I grab a pair of my husband's socks out of the sock basket...and he is a 12, I'm a 5 1/2. I love GLEE for the music too (OK; and the quirky characters too...). Strangely enough, every time Teen Mom comes on, I cannot tear myself from the T.V. And I DEFINITELY need to be working on addresses for my daughter's wedding, but seem to always find myself blogging again...

  3. I watch the exact same tv shows as my 13 year old students, which is both awesome (because they can update me when I miss one) and awful (because I'm no where near 13!). Gotta love those guilty pleasures!


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