Bits of Sweetness: Photo Friday: Marshmallow Snowmen!!

Photo Friday: Marshmallow Snowmen!!

Linking up to Photo Friday to post a super fun project that you and your kids can do!

I love fun food projects(baking, cooking, or not). I grew up with amazing baking and cooking so being in the kitchen just felt like such a natural thing. Having Andrew around now means that it is twice as nice to do fun projects in the kitchen. He loves to help (especially if it means taste-testing!!).

When I found this project at my friend Kristi's fabulous blog Cooking Unbound, I just had to try it.
(I'm on her blog all the time drooling over the great recipes & ideas so it was fun to find this one too. Go check out her blog for more!)

I mean, how can you go wrong with adorable marshmallows turned into snowmen?!
I don't know what's more fun- making them or eating them!

(as a side note- hers are way cuter. But really, who cares when you just eat them anyways :-) We did three parts to the snowmen. Andrew loved helping.)

Directions from Kristi's site:

What you need:

White decorating sugar (for the front of the snowmen)
Different colors of decorating sugars (for the hat)
Larger sprinkles for the eyes, nose, and buttons (we used brown for the eyes, orange for the nose, and different colors for the buttons).
A 3/4 inch circle cutter, or something fairly close to that size (I found something in my kids' playdough stash that worked).
A 1/2 inch circle cutter, or something fairly close to that size that is smaller than your 3/4 inch cutter. (I used a small frosting tip).
A toothpick (to poke holes) -I used a bobby pin since I didn't have any toothpicks.
Small bowl of warm water
Skewers -you can use kabob skewers or little dowels cut in half
The process:

1. For the body, cut marshmallows in half, crosswise. One half will be the body.

2. For the head, take the other half of the cut marshmallow, and cut it with the 3/4 in. cutter.

3. Slide these pieces onto the skewer, with the cut sides (sticky sides) facing forward, as this will be the the front of the snowman.

4. Dip the front of the snowman in a bowl of white decorating sugar.

5. Using a toothpick, make holes for the eyes, nose, and buttons. Place sprinkles in the holes. Try to push them in a bit so they stick well.

6. For the hat, cut a marshmallow crosswise into thirds. Cut another marshmallow crosswise into quarters.

7. Using the 3/4 in. cutter, cut circles from the quarter slices. These will be the brims. Coat brims in decorating sugar of choice, then slide onto skewer.

(Tip: Dip the cutters into warm water first. This will help the marshmallows to release easily. Otherwise, they might stick to the cutter and misshape when you try to pull the piece out.)

7. Using the 1/2 in. cutter, cut circles out of the marshmallow that you sliced into thirds. Coat in decorating sugar of choice, then slide onto skewer.

8. Now stand back and admire your work! And make sure to have someone take a picture of you with your snowman, and post it on my facebook page for me to see! :)

The Living magazine version included a scarf. If you're up for it, use the scraps from the cut marshmallows, coat them in decorating sugar, and wrap it around the "neck." I tried one and it didn't turn out so good, but maybe you'll have better luck than me. :)

{I think someone had fun, don't you? :-)
Notice the falling scarf-he ate it before I had a chance to take a picture of it! }

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  1. such a fun project. kind of hard for me to get into snowmen, though, because it's been 55 degrees this weekend in VA--warm for our standards! thanks for linking up, friend.


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