Bits of Sweetness: Ten in a sec linkup

Ten in a sec linkup

Here is a photo yours truly, the blogger of A Day in the Life, just for fun.

Self- portrait. With my beloved camera. What do you think?

And another just for fun, ten things about me, in just a few seconds. 

You know what I love? Hearing about you my wonderful blog friends & family. After all, you all are a big part of why I write. I would love to hear ten things about you. Maybe things no one else knows or are surprised to know, be it random, funny, or just plain unique. Link up or comment below! Feel free to post a photo of yourself too! It's always fun to see the faces behind blogs (other than the tiny profile pictures! Those don't quite count!). 

Happy Sunday!! My big accomplishment this weekend was finishing two exams I had! Got a 97 on one and a 94 on the other! Woohoo!! Just nine more months to go and I will be done with school!!! Yes!!

(A friend of mine joked that so many things can change in 9 months. Ha ha ha! Why yes they can!!
Not those  kinds of changes yet though! ;-) )


  1. Great self portrait - I was hoping o see the rest of your memories, dreams and reflections....maybe you'll share the rest sometime.

  2. I'm with Ashley..would love to see the rest but it is a great self portrait!


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