Bits of Sweetness: Those cravings!

Those cravings!

Those pregnancy cravings...! Seriously all I have been wanting lately is fruit! And fruit smoothies. And more fruit.

Today Josh just so happened to be near a smoothie place when I called him today. He even stopped and got me one! My day was instantly amazing! What a sweet husband I have!! I am spoiled! I really wanted something blackberry. Like, would have paid a lot for it! But, alas, blackberries are out of season. (I knew this too, but thought there might be a small chance they'd have something!!) So, a yummy raspberry-strawberry-blueberry concoction it was. It was so good.

What did you crave when you were pregnant? 


  1. I craved popsicles...yum!!

    Wanted to let you know I've tagged you in my post:

  2. Commenting once for both your posts... I LOVE Seattle and get a bit jealous when I see your posts or pictures of it...Glad you had a fun day. So neat that your dad lives close, I bet he just soaks up the time with you guys.

    I never really craved stuff when I was pregnant, just had food aversions. Right now my stomache is always rumbly and upset. I start trimester two on Friday and am so hoping that the nausea goes away. I have to eat like 5 meals a day because it seems like when Im full it helps my stomache and fluffy food doesnt cut it. We had blackberries the other day! One of our pastors wives made a fruit, angel food cake and it had blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries on it. It was really good. The berries were really sweet and yummy. Sweet of your hubs to pick you up a smoothie :o)

  3. I craved fruit and veggies the entire time I was preggo. I lived on asparagus, grapefruit, ceasar salad, roasted veggies the whole time. It didn't matter if they were cooked or raw - it is all I ate.


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