Bits of Sweetness: Time to replan...(again!)

Time to replan...(again!)

Isn't that how life with kids goes? You so carefully make plans, and then guess what? Kids inevitably throw their own twist on those lovely plans! I chuckle. You think I would have learned by now! But alas it is sometimes frustrating! The days you have a birthday party to go to and a grumpy child. So, you lay the grumpy child down for a nap and end up with no nap and an even grumpier child. Time to replan. Sigh. The days you have to run about ten thousand million errands and... yeah... well.. they just have to have the racecar shopping car. You know.. the kind that is a giant monster and only maneuvers if you shove your entire body weight against it, of course bumping into the cart that sweet little Grandma Tilly is pushing. And the display of five hundred cans of corn rolling everywhere. Oops. >.< And then cue the shrieks of "I-must-have-that-car-Mama!!" "No honey, we can get it next time." "NOOOO I NEEEEEEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!" commence sobs. Or a fit. Sigh. Should have replanned those ten thousand million errands :-S. And then the playdough the other day. Andrew wanted to play playdough. I'm not much of a perfectionist but when it comes to keeping things where they belong but game pieces I like to keep at least near the box they go in. Same with Andrew's toys. We try to keep them at least semi-organized in boxes and not ten containers with 100 different kinds of toys. (Note the try. His room protests that statement right now though.) So back to the playdough. He wanted to play playdough. I love playdough. Playdough creations are awesome! (Anyone remember the McDonald's playdough set and the awesome stuff you could make with it?! ) Yeah.. playdough. I had visions of creating this great elaborate scene with cute little people, and maybe even a few pets, and a rocketship for Andrew and maybe the moon too. All in their lovely individual colors. Time to replan Andrew style. (It's a volcano.)

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Oh the joys of parenting, huh? :-)

I love his creativity. I do. It always challenges me to redefine the "standards" I am trying to enforce. Really.. when it comes down to it, I guess it really is just playdough. And if he wants to mix the colors? Well so be it! I'm learning to love his little style, even if it means doing some replanning and redefining of my own. I don't think motherhood would be very survivable otherwise!!!

Some days though! We'll see how tomorrow goes. And how much replanning there ends up being. Little Mister didn't want to go to sleep until almost 11. Those nights are the... "fun" ones aren't they?  The ones with getting up needing his bear Cocoa or a hug or a kiss for an owie or fixing his blankets or a drink or chasing away a funny "bug" he saw or another story or sleeping with him or..or..or.. sigh. Yep that was definitely tonight!! (minus.. maybe the bug (that was another night)). Sometimes parenting is overwhelming. But.. as nuts as he might make this mama, the love in my heart for him makes me just sit in wonder at the sweet life we created, and the joy it is to parent him. (Can't say I am not doing that pondering enjoying this bit of silence though.. finally!!!!!!)


  1. I love this! :) cuz i can picture it all! PLaydough is more fun when the colors are mixed up. :) you have a cute little boy. :)

  2. Haha, things always change with kids... Its just best to go with the flow :o) You were a busy blogger this weekend! I didnt get on the computer much because my hubby had a long weekend off work. I enjoyed the 10 things about you, that was fun to read.


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