Bits of Sweetness: Beautiful


What is beauty? 
What feelings does the word evoke?
Do you think of something like this with the word?

It seems everywhere we look, we are being fed this idea, 
that there is this level of perfection that is expected of us.
No, scratch that.
Demanded of us.
It tells us,
"You will never be worthy
or good enough
until you get to this level.
Until your curves are just right
 and that extra weight is gone.
You must be perfect.
Or you are worth nothing."
It's hard not to believe it. 
It is everywhere.
The latest favorite magazine.
The latest celebrity.
The girl we work with.
The snide remark from someone we know.
The careless joke meant to be funny.
It's hard to keep confidence, isn't it?
Guess what?
The world's standard of beauty is nothing more 
than a photoshopped, unrealistic, unhealthy lie of a standard
meant to put you down and make you feel like you need to
be like them
You don't.
Because you are beautiful.
Believe that!
You are beautiful with the curves you have
extra or small as they may be.
They are you.
When God looked upon the earth, he said,
"It is good."
He meant you too. 
Yes, you.
Every part of you.
He is crazy-in-love with you.
Be confident in that!
You are stunning.
And incredibly beautiful.
You don't need the world's standard.
Because, really, it's not anything realistic at all.
It's not a standard for people who want to just enjoy life.
Or who want to eat like normal people.
And just be.
There is such a thing as healthy.
Healthy is good. 
But so is balance.
We don't have to live life obsessed with what others think about us.
Live life to the fullest.
That includes celebrating who you are.
Embrace that.
Learn to find joy in that.
Beautiful, beautiful you!

{Latest note and word art}

Take a second to watch this.True beauty is in the first few seconds.

{One of my favorite songs}


  1. I really like this post... it's so refreshing! It's impossible to be everything we are told by 'everyone' to be. Love that first video :)

  2. Katie- thank you :) It's such a good reminder these days!

    Kerry- thank you! I appreciate the complement!


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