Bits of Sweetness: Friday's Letters (continued)

Friday's Letters (continued)

{If you missed it, you can catch a letter I wrote to our little one today here.}

Dear Self,
It's ok to not finish everything on the to-do list today.
You really can go relax and read that book you picked up today.
Being a wife and mama doesn't have to be nonstop doing.
It can be moments of just enjoying and relaxing.
{Just one more thing! Promise!}
Just a reminder too that you don't always have to say, "Yes"
to doing things. Over-committing or even,
committing when you really can't give 100% just isn't worth it.
Balance is important. Especially at this point in life with another little one on the way.
But, thinking things through is important too.
An, "I'll have to get back to you on that" works too.
And, your husband and son are pretty good excuses for turning down something :)

Dear Husband of Mine,
You're wonderful. I love you.
Even the times I get a little irritated these days.
It's not you (well, not most of the time at least ;-)
Although, I did chuckle today
when I told you I wasn't feeling too great
and you asked, "Why?"
Oh, I don't know. Maybe it has to do with
a little someone coming in
seven months :-)
Still. I love you a great deal.
You put so many other guys to shame.
You treat me like a princess.
You are always asking if I'm ok,
and calling just to say hi.
You love dinner whether it's top ramen
or something fancier.
And you do great with Andrew. It's so sweet to watch.
I can't wait to see what the next years bring for us!

Dear Andrew,
I love you so much.
You amaze me every single day.
Today, I was telling your daddy a story about years ago,
spending the day with friends at a rollercoaster park,
and how we got slushees because it was hot.
We got in line for a roller coaster and were sad because
we had to throw them away, even just standing in line.
You piped up with an idea.
"They should put a trash container on the roller coaster!
Then everyone could keep their slushees!"
It amazes me what you pick up on, are listening to,
and think of in response at just four years of age.
I love your enthusiasm for life. I hope you never lose it!
It is so sweet. I love you sweet boy.
And our snuggles at night. They are the best.
I love hearing you sing. You're at a pretty sweet
place in life right now.

Dear craft box,
I miss you. I really do. I have so many great ideas!
Like this one

And this
Pretty his and hers monogrammed pillows.
(except I have a much prettier idea! And using the letters to spell out words)
And, this to store my jewelry
DIY jewelry frame
Someday. I'll get back to you, craft box. I will. :) Promise.

Dear Pillow,

You and I are on pretty good terms right now. Oh yes. :)
Except for some days. I need to make longer appointments with you.
This baby loves that!

Dear Goodwill,
I will forever be your fan.
Where else could I find this

for $6.99?! Total with food: $15.99. Oh yeah!
We have one happy little chef-in-training!

Dear Charlie Puth,
Your covers of songs are quite amazing. Truly.
I could listen to them for a long time.
Exhibit A.
Exhibit B.

Dear identity thief,
Did you really think I'd fall for this?

I'm honored that you'd like to confirm my account, but I think I'm good.
You might as well just as for my social security number and credit card
while you're at it.

Dear Chase, Visa, and Paypal,
No more interest or payments for you!!
Paid you all in full! Hallelujah tax return!!!

P.s. to self
Laughter is good for the soul.
Very very good!

Happy weekend everyone! I'd love if it you'd link up too :)


  1. go you on paying off your credit cards! that must feel amazing! I loved all your letters and how you wrote so specifically to yourself, your husband and your son. SO SWEET! Thanks for linking up!


  2. I find it soooooooo hard to say no. Im learning :o) I have learned not to get involved in to many things, its helped so much with keeping up on things at home!

  3. this is a great post! i love that last one with the construction workers!! so funny!!!

    Jenna Duty


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