Bits of Sweetness: Getting in those sweet moments

Getting in those sweet moments

The Pacific Science Center has a very cool traveling planetarium. A church near us hosted it a night last week. Andrew loves loves loves anything space. And, hey, did I mention it was free?!! {Even better yet!} So, off we went. And it was seriously fun! We got there to find a sign-up sheet for a planetarium show. Once your name was down, they let you know what time your group would go in and then you were more than welcome to go explore the neat stations they had set up. We had half an hour until our show, so we decided to go have some fun!

First we got to examine a moon rock

Then there were some pretty cool shades we put on to see the entire color spectrum

Then we made a storm on Jupiter by moving the disk around to swirl the colors.
Pretty cool!

Checking out a constellation

Moving a robotic arm around (One of the most fun things!)

Feeling how much a baseball would weigh on planets with different gravity

Taking a snack break!!

Putting big slides on a light to see the picture.

Super excited and waiting so patiently for the planetarium show!

He wanted to hold my hand!! Precious moments!

Friday, Andrew and I had a fun day out shopping and spending time together.
Poor Josh was sick at home. No fun! Thankfully he's better now!

It's funny because, all of our original plans for the weekend changed.
Not in a bad way. We just did other things instead that were fun too.

One thing was lunch. We'd planned to eat at a favorite bagel spot
{They have chocolate chip cream cheese that is to die for!!}
but, for whatever reason,  breadsticks at Olive Garden just sounded amazing.
{Dipped in Zuppa Toscana or Alfredo Sauce! Mmm!}
So, to Olive Garden we went.

Don't you think I had a most charming lunch buddy? :-)

We found a bunch of great deals on clothes for him and myself including a $2 tank top at Maurices for me and a couple of $2.99 shirts for him at the Children's Place! We had fun! Followed by dinner with my dad.

Saturday we had planned on going down to IKEA but, it was super rainy, and driving on the freeway with lots of standing water just isn't my cup of tea. I had a lovely disaster with box hair dye turning out about four shades lighter than the box :( So, after a call to the salon at Josh's work, and finding out they had an opening later, we decided to just spend some time in the area. My hair turned out a little different than I was expecting, but I think still like it. (It's hard to tell from the picture, but the main color is a light brown with blonde and somewhat coppery highlights.)

Sunday we didn't do a whole lot (Poor Andrew got one heck of a nosebleed early during church so Josh took him home to get him all cleaned up plus, I had a bit of homework due so it was a family day at home after church)

Monday though was special! I was off work, and we had our very first doctor's appointment!
I had been waiting for my insurance card to come in the mail. And waited. And waited.
It was a little odd that it hadn't come yet! So,on Friday, I called up the insurance company only to discover that they hadn't issued one yet! Oiy! She got right on it though and told me the card number so I could use it before the card came. I was stoked to discover that the midwife and birthing center I wanted to go with were covered too!!And, that they had an appointment open as soon as this Monday! 
The first time, I made the appointment for the morning, not even thinking about the fact that Josh would be working :( So, I called back, and was happy to find out that they had one open after he would be off.
Andrew has been so excited about this baby too so we decided to take him along!
We got to meet our midwife and tour the birthing center. (YAY for jetted tubs!!! And a place that will do water births!!) 
The best part though was getting to hear baby's hearbeat!!
Ultrasound next week!!
Andrew is the most excited about that. He has been asking over and over 
to see the baby on the ultrasound! He is so fascinated by all of this!
He loves to watch videos about the baby developing and seeing what it does.
Which, makes it all the more exciting for us!!

Ooh one more deal- I found a crib bedding set at Target on clearance for $30 off of $60!! 
Yay for online returns to store!! :)

How did your extended weekend go? What did you get to do? 
What are you looking forward to?


  1. Your hair looks cute! How fun that Andrew is so excited about the baby :o) Im having fun this time around with my older two knowing whats going on. Three years ago I had an at home hair dying disater! I actually ended up in tears, it was horrible (Im a little vain about my hair). I had been blonde for about 8 years and my hubby and I decided to try to save money and do the bleach job at home with a box. It turned platinum blond in some places and orange in others, I cant even describe how bad it was! So my hubby ran to Walmart and bought a box that he thought looked like my natural hair color. He applied it but I have thick long hair and one box wasnt enough so he had to go back. THAT turned into almost BLACK hair! Ohhhhhh boy. We had VBS the next day and I was so embarrased to go with my hair the way it was. I set an appointment up at a salon to get it fixed. The lady did a great job not knowing what my normal hair color was (OH I forgot, my eyebrows were several shade lighter than my hair so my hubby put some dye on my eyebrows which made me look like groucho marx!). As my hair grew out you could hardly see a line where it was my normal hair and my dyed hair. So thats how I went back to my natural color hair :o) I'll go back to blonde when I start going grey :o)

    Hows THAT for a long comment? Lol!

  2. Sounds like a good weekend! I wish I would have known about the planetarium, that would have been fun!


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