Bits of Sweetness: Happiness is...

Happiness is...

perfect latte from Cafe on 1st.
the perfect latte.

morning snuggles.

... we kiss kiss kiss...
a sweet kiss.

cute spring outfit
the perfect outfit.

stunning beauty.

our little family.
<3 #hearts #piano #keys #inspire #music
listening to beautiful music.
and playing it too.

There are so many things that elicit a deep feeling of happiness for me. These are some of them.

I got to thinking though- why is my feeling of happiness so quick to fade?
All it takes is one circumstance, or one annoying word
and suddenly I let irritation creep in.
And my mood is changed.
Happy feeling gone.

What if, I took a second, to decide to just be happy. 
To just see the happiness in the small things, or in the things
that may not seem so beautiful.
To not let that irritation in.

I was hit with a rather inspirational thought.

Happiness in life doesn't come from getting what you want but rather in appreciating the beauty of life no matter where it takes you. It's easy to think that life would be so much better if we could just get rid of all the burdens we carry or may have to carry, but is that really true? Or would we really actually be more caring, loving, compassionate people for going through the things that we try so hard to avoid? Food for thought

Happiness is something we all want, isn't it?
{Of course.}
But maybe, just maybe, do you think we might put our own happiness
high on the shelf of our lives too much?
How happy do I really feel after chasing down what I want?
I get what I'm after but.. that feeling of elation isn't quite the same.
Kindof like a kid who made off with the candy jar and could eat
as much as he wanted to. It's suddenly not as good.
The happiest times of my life have not come from 
my own happiness, but sharing a moment with others,
or seeing their joy at something that has happened for them.
The greatest happiness is from giving to others.
And balance is good. 
It's nice to have those me-moments.
They help add balance.
But, I think life's best happy moments
come from seeing the happiness 
you can bring to others too.
But too, learning to see the beauty in the times that life isn't that happy.
Long hours at work stink.
But, you have a job.
The kids seriously won't listen today.
But, you have kids.
And they have some sweet spots, don't they? ;-)
Learn to laugh through the stressful times, when it really is hard to find 
Laughter is good for the soul. 
Even when you don't want it.
Happiness will come, when you're not looking to find it.


  1. Love your take on Rory's prompt. The pictures just make it that much better

  2. So lovely....and not just because you started with that beautiful pic of a latte and followed other amazing pics: that outfit is super cute!

    I think you've really hit on something in saying the best way to often find happiness - is to make someone else happy! And to also find beauty in all those moments of our life -- like being in a constant state of gratitude we can see the blesssings all around us.

    Thanks for joining the chat today! Happy to meet you!

  3. Embracing life's moments whatever they bring and looking for the goodness around us can bring happiness. I, like you, feel I'm the happiest when I make others happy. Sometimes it's in big things, but mostly it's the small, seemingly unimportant things that radiate so much happiness in others. My heart is truly warmed by the smiles and gratitude when I look into another person's face at moments like this. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi...I'm coming over from Leslie's... and I love your take on this post. Your words ring so true as well... happiness we share with others is true happiness!
    Check out my take on the prompt:

  5. wow, this is such a beautiful post. and so very true.

    Thank you!



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