Bits of Sweetness: Menu Plan on a Monday

Menu Plan on a Monday

This is our menu for the week!

Monday- Cornbread muffins with bbq beef baked in the middle, salad. (Normally I make bbq meat in the crock pot and it is good! But today we splurged on Jack Daniels BBQ Beef. It is to die for. Worth the price.) {This was a new recipe and SO delicious!}
Tuesday- Roast chicken pitas 
Wednesday- Twice-baked potatoes with bacon, sour cream & chives
Thursday- Baked creamy chicken taquitos
(LOVING this website where the taquito recipe is from! so many great recipes!
Friday- Pizza

What are you eating this week?

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat


  1. Those chicken taquitos look really good!

  2. Looks good Laura!
    This week we're having
    Monday- (had) Bow-tie pasta pepperoni bake with biscuits and chopped up cucumbers
    Tues- Chicken burritos and Salad?
    Wednesday- Chili and buscuits
    Thursday- Sweet and sour chicken (this is a cheat from the bag!) and rice
    Friday- Baked Ziti
    Saturday- DATE NIGHT!!

  3. Yummy yummy. We had Jack Daniel's BBQ pulled chicken last night on hamburger buns with a salad.


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