Bits of Sweetness: Midweek Confessions! 2/1/12

Midweek Confessions! 2/1/12

It's that time again! Linking up to Midweek Confessions. Hard to believe it's almost Thursday, but I am thankful the week is almost over!

My confessions this week:

1) I baked cupcakes tonight. And raspberry cheesecake. So good!!
(But I've eaten really healthy this pregnancy and decided to not make anything so far that hasn't been healthy. I've wanted a lot of fruit. )

2) Jamba Juice sounded way too good the other day. Enough so that I called my sweet husband to get me one. And he did :)

3) We almost applied for the perfect duplex this week. In town. Backyard. New. Beautiful. Bigger. Sigh. 
But then I was up til the wee hours realizing that the timing just isn't quite perfect yet. Yes, it would be nice, but better to pay off the debt we have, and add a bit to savings, and be able to buy the things on our baby list than to be on a super tight budget all of a sudden. Next year!

4) Our library movies are overdue again. Argh. Totally forgot to tell Josh to return them! And, no returning them after hours! They have a $10/per item fee for dropping them in the drop box. (Kindof understandable! Have you ever seen beaten up library videos?!)

5) The new JC Penney ad  seriously bugs me. It's just annoying. And, the hubby isn't too amused either. Since he works there, he had to do all the work to get this "great" new pricing system going (thanks to a new company CEO.) Why is it that newer ends up being more complicated with more flaws and issues??

6) I'm not a fan of relaxin. But I am of relaxing. Figure it out? Relaxin is a hormone produced by the body during pregnancy to loosen the joints to prepare the body for birth. Yes, well at 8 1/2 weeks pregnant, I'm not liking this too much because my hip joint is a little too loose and it hurts to walk! Oiy. 

7) I'm surprised at the 100 I got on my latest case study in my business communications class. Reason: the teacher is super strict, and the class is one of those where you have to discuss ideas and nice communication and it's not just straight facts. It makes everything a lot harder. I felt for the other people in the class when she informed us after the fact that last week's case studies would get no credit if they were late. She told everyone the day after they were due. Thankfully I had already turned mine in. And, surprisingly got a 100 on it. Yay for small blessings!! (Ok, or big ;-) )
8) One of my biggest pet peeves is when people misuse "you're" and instead write "your" all over the place. "You're" driving me crazy with "your" use of that word!!!! Aah. And with the advent of using phones, it's ever-prevalent now on social networks. I bet I would have a good thousand bucks for every time I've seen it the past year. Just saying. 

9) My other big pet peeve are the people I know who would rather be all sugary sweet to your face, then out of the blue cut contact because they really were bugged by a bunch of things that you did. As hard as it might be, it is so much better to just talk to the person. After all, you may have had a misunderstanding! And even if not, there is always room for forgiveness and more communication. I'd rather know the truth and have my feelings hurt a little than be happy with a lie and a friendship that isn't very open and honest.

10) I love not having a car payment. Not bragging because we do have other debt we're working on. But, really. I love it. How in the world though? It's doable! Be content with less. Save up cash. Or sell what is giving you a payment (and think, is it really worth the money?!) Buy something you can be content with. Then continue to save cash and you can get double what you have, and so on and so on. Dave Ramsey is quite brilliant. 

11) I was totally blown away by some bags of frozen fruit I found at the store today.
Yes, really. $9.29. $8.99. $9.89.  That's gotta be some pregnancy craving! Or a REAL need for good fruit.

12) I want to take nicer photos to document the pregnancy than ones with my camera phone (like, outside maybe?! But it's been cold and I haven't gotten around to it yet! Here is last week @ 7 weeks.

13) I am and I'm not looking forward to my brother's Navy swearing in ceremony tomorrow. I'm going to miss him. I'm so sentimental. Cute story: I told Andrew that Uncle Nathan would be leaving soon to protect our country. Andrew got a little teary-eyed and said, "But I will miss him!" He was quiet for a few minutes. Then perked up. "I know! I will send soldiers to get all the bad guys! Then Uncle Nathan can come home soon!!" Kid is so smart! And such a sweetheart. Sigh. I am trying not to think about him leaving. I'm thankful I can go. We've gotten so much closer as the years have gone by and I am thankful for our friendship. He's my only sibling, so it's a friendship I cherish. 

14) I am up way too late for going down to Seattle early tomorrow! Oops! Goodnight all!

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  1. Wow that ad IS annoying, lol!
    I stopped getting movies at the library because I could never get them back in time. Our library charges a dollar for every movie for every night its overdue :o/ That ads up quick!
    Sorry I probably am one of the ones that uses the wrong Your, Youre...
    I had horrible hip pain with my first two pregnancies (so bad I almost couldnt walk at times) and with pregnancy number three and four I went to the chiro regularily and it helped SO MUCH. You might give that a try. I think it also helped my labor and delivery because it gets your pelvic bone all in place too.
    No car payment is AWESOME! We didnt have one for the first 7 years of marriage then we made a bad financial decision that we are still (3 years later) recovering from. In about a week our vehicles will both be paid in full once again!! Woop woop! They arent fancy but they are all ours :o)
    Good job at getting the 100 on your case study!


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