Bits of Sweetness: My favorite icons

My favorite icons

I'm not really hugely into celebrities. Sometimes their news catches my eye, but not many do I really follow. There are a couple though that are my favorites. Maybe it's because they have a class to them that not all others do. And maybe too it's that they're fellow blondes :) 

First fave: LC
{Lauren Conrad, if you must ask ;-) }
lauren conrad.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad
Lauren Conrad
Lauren Conrad

She always has this pretty, classy way about her.
I wish I could pull off her hairstyles!
(Or, how about someone to do them for me?!)
I've been a fan since her Hills days.
She doesn't have to put others down or be defined by others
to be successful and beautiful. I appreciate that about her.
I would totally take her as my personal stylist. 
Just saying.

My other fave: Reese Whitherspoon

How many many of her movies are my faves....
I don't think I could list them all.
She's in my top list of celebrities I look for in movies.
I only wish I had half of her charisma and elegance. 
Girl can pull off any style with beauty and flair!

Who is your favorite icon?
{It doesn't necessarily have to be a celebrity!}

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  1. My sister has been told more than once that she looks like Reese :o) I dont have any favorites. Just enjoy a good movie. I guess I used to like Mel Gibson a lot because he had such passion in his acting. Hes gone off the deep end though. I never really kept up on him.

  2. Definately Reece!! She's gorgeous isn't she and such a great actress :)
    I popped over via Ashley's blog and thought I'd say hello!
    Hope your pregnancy is going great!!
    Have a good day :)


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