Bits of Sweetness: Riding the waves...

Riding the waves...

of those darn pregnancy emotions! I definitely remember this part of my pregnancy with Andrew, and really, who can forget being instantly in tears at the drop of a hat?! Today, the family I nanny for had to put their sweet 8-year-old miniature schnauzer down due to cancer. Even though he wasn't my own pet, I still felt pretty sad about it. We had one growing up, and although she wasn't as social as their dog was, I still have fond memories of ours too. I guess I hadn't realized how much their dog grew on me! He was always so excited to see me every time I came through the door, and was a very well-behaved dog. I know life moves on, but it was neat to  be able to know him the year I did. And yes, that sounds funny to say about a dog but hey- aren't pets family too?! The house is going to be very different without him around! I think I'm going to get a little stuffed animal and a notebook for his girl to be able to have something to cuddle when she thinks about him, and a place to write notes or draw pictures for him as a way to remember him.

Rest in peace boy
{Photo credit of Flickr}

This past week was fun. I wanted to try out some cool ideas I've seen on Pinterest. 
I actually got seven of them done! I feel a little accomplished because it's easy for me to think "oh that looks so neat!" but then never get around to it.

First project:
Shiny paint with the girls I nanny.
Those are actually dried! It's so simple.
Things you need: Sweetened condensed milk
food coloring
That's it. I used big muffin tins to mix the colors in.
It is really thick so takes some more work to use
but really fun & it dries glossy!

Second project
Puffy paint
{Sunshine painted by Andrew}
Fridays we usually go over to my friend Ashley's and it's always fun to try out a 
fun craft project. Today's was puffy paint.
For older kids who don't eat the paint, you can use shaving cream & paint.
I used whipped cream and {non toxic} paint.
 I spooned it into ziploc bags and added the paint, then mixed it up.
To put it on the paper, I snipped off an end of the bag to pipe it onto the paper.
 Made for super easy cleanup!
The kids loved it! Andrew wasn't up for a picture!
But you can see a cute picture of my friend Ashley's little girl 
having fun with it at her great blog here.

Third project
Did you know you can pop popcorn kernels in a brown paper
bag {lunch sack size} ?!
We tested this one out. It is super easy and so much fun,
not to mention yummy.
And talk about saving money!
Two tablespoons of the kernels pops 4 cups.
Better yet, no popper to cleanup!
Just toss the bag and you're good to go!
So question- how do you like your popcorn?
I want to try cinnamon and sugar because I've heard that is good!
Mostly though, I'm a huge fan of butter & salt. 
Not the healthiest I know but so fun!

Project four
Hair twist.
Super easy and adds a pretty touch to any hairdo.
Twist two pieces of hair together, and add in hair
from the side close to your face, like a one-sided french braid.

Project five
It has really challenged me as a parent.
There are some super great ideas on the list
of ways to show kindness to your kids.
Some of my faves:
I've been making a point to pick one thing off the list and do it 
sometime in the day. Seeing his little face light up is so worth it.
We've been working on more fun moments with laughter lately
and the sound of pure joy is amazing to hear.

Project six.
Make meal time fun-time thanks to these great ideas
snack ideas
fun lunch!
such a cute idea!!

fun food

great way to make lunch time fun!

Ok, so technically this is still a work-in-progress because the cookie cutters just came
and I still need to make some of these!
I found a great deal on some animal cookie cutters here.

Project seven
{which, I forgot about until just now!}
If you write a letter to a character at Disney (Walt Disney World Communications  PO Box 10040 Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040), they will send you an autographed photo back. {Totally trying this with the girls I nanny. They LOVE Love love disney!}
Apparently, if you write any of the Disney princesses,
they will send you a personally-autographed photo of themselves!
So, the girls and I tried this the other day and mailed our letters out!

I'm 12 weeks today! Pictures to come :)
First ultrasound this week!!!
What is on your fun to-do list, Pinterest or otherwise?
If you'd like lots of fun inspiration, you can follow me on Pinterest here.
I'd love to follow you too!

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  1. O how fun!! I love this post! Where do you have to send the letter to the Princesses? Do you address it specifically to them?


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