Bits of Sweetness: Friday photo fun!

Friday photo fun!

Last night, I was oohing and ahhing over a friend's haircut.
She got bangs and they look absolutely amazing.

Spring has officially sprung and it's about time I got something new,
& changed it up a little.
So I did.
I cut bangs into my hair.

What do you think?
It takes about twice as long to get ready now,
but, I'm kindof liking them.
Paul Mitchell skinny serum is my favorite to give it some shine.
It smells sooo amazing.
I finally replaced my bottle after Andrew dumped
the entire previous one in the bath to make bubbles.
Didn't bubble! And the whole bottle got dumped. Sad day!
But yay for associate discounts at the salon! Woohoo!

I thought I'd post all the pictures from the walk we took yesterday.
It was hard just to pick three for the previous post.
And, it doesn't really do the rest of the photos justice.
So, here you go.
{Looking for fish}
{Sticks make the most delightful sound when banged loudly on a metal bridge rail!} 
{Looking at his Papa talking. I love his expression here.}
{Protecting us from wolves, tigers, elephants & coyotes :) }
{Yes, it really is almost April here. I love our Northwest beauty though.
Those mountains are simply gah-jus dahling.}
{I'm thiiiis big Papa!}

 {Contemplative cuteness}

Just a random photography tip for you tonight- notice how none of these photos are posed?
It's because well, quite frankly, children can be difficult to pose!
I mean how many times have you tried to capture the moment only to be met with a cheesy grin
or a pursed lips refusing to smile for you?
While poses are nice to capture, focus instead on just simply capturing life.
Because, well, that's where the best poses are found.
That smile found in a child's excited glance at something.
The surprised expression.
The concentrating face.
A fun swordfight between Papa and Grandson :)
Don't worry about capturing the posed part of life.
Just capture the moment.
After all, isn't that what life is made up of anyways?
Thousands of unposed moments to cherish? ;-)
The posed snapshots will come,
but I would just venture to guess that the better photos are going to be the ones
where you capture life in the middle of its excitement. :)
{If you're trying to get all your kids looking at the camera though,
 a pet squeaky toy does the trick great! Especially if it hides and comes back out}

Happy Friday friends!!
What are you looking forward to?



  1. Hi Laura! Of course, I had to stop by too, lol! Loving the bangs on you, and your son is just a cutie pie!! And yes, you're right...the unposed picture is the best kind. Its just true and honest and it speaks with no words. The way a picture should. I'll be stopping by again soon. :)

  2. Cute pictures, looks like it was a fun day :o) BTW I really liked the song you have on here, "Just the Way You Are" Ange and I love music like that, Im going to be passing it along to her :o)

  3. Sandy-thank you! :)

    Julie- the playlist at the bottom has the song names and artists :)


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