Bits of Sweetness: Friday's Letters

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday,
Ahh hello friend. Again we meet. I have to say, I love having Fridays off. It is quite lovely. I love nannying and working part time. It's the perfect job. I am sad though because one of the sweetest girls I nanny is going to be moving far away (too far to continue watching her). I am going to miss the family! That's one thing about working with kids. They really grow on you and it's impossible to forget them. It's hard when they leave. I am hoping to get in a fun girls day for she and I before they leave. Maybe we'll go see a movie and get some Jamba Juice. Jamba is kindof our thing. 

Dear baby,
I have been writing letters to you in the sweet baby book I bought. I wrote letters to your brother too and just love the idea of having something like that to give to you later on, so you can see just how much we were excited about meeting you and the different things that happened during the pregnancy. Maybe sometime I'll get daddy to write a letter in there too! This is what you looked like just two weeks ago! And in just 5 1/2 weeks we'll find out whether you are a boy or girl! (I still say girl! We'll see!)

We were so excited to get to see you!! Your brother got to come along for the ultrasound. He was stoked. I love how we got to see you kicking and moving around, and get to see your little heart beating! How very precious it was!! {You can see the little nose, eyes, ear and lips. That's a little hand by the face. You can see the little spine and feet too!) 
{Your brother waiting for the ultrasound}

And, this is me at almost fifteen weeks!
It was super windy here yesterday! :) 
{Can you believe Andrew took it?! Pretty good for a four-year-old if you ask me!}

Dear blood pressure,
You need to stop spiking. Really. I love that I haven't had any morning sickness. That part has been amazing. but, like with Andrew's pregnancy, my blood pressure has continued to be a problem the whole time. It means a whole lot of sitting and not much standing. Thankful though for a low-key job this time around! I guess, blood pressure, you do get credit for me having to eat way healthier. Can't do a lot of sugary things, and I've been craving lots of healthy stuff. Can't complain there! {Except, ok ok I do admit that I did buy the I do wedding cake flavored ice cream the other night. It is ahhmaazing with buttercream frosting flavored ice cream, chunks of white wedding cake, and ribbons of raspberry sauce. Divine. Safeway has it on sale right now. It's been months since I've bought ice cream though ;-) And I'm being good and having it in little glass dishes. }

Dear sweet husband of mine,
Can you really seriously be twenty seven now?! You were only nineteen when we first met. The time just flies. I asked you what you wanted for a cake. You didn't really have any idea or opinion. So we got you an ice cream cake. Your favorite. We still have more than half of it left. You are responsible for eating that up :-p Or you will have a fat pregnant wife. Although you would still love me just as much, I know :) I hope you liked your other birthday present. The one I can't write about here because... yeah ;-) But the one I will is an ultra cool tablet deal I found on Groupon Goods for a super discounted price (normally $300 and it was more than half off!!). You have a new toy. Thank you for sharing it with Andrew too! He delights in playing Angry Birds and watching all his shows on Netflix on it :)
Dear Andrew,
You are so hyper today. You are super lucky and got some Skittles for a present from Papa even though it was Daddy's birthday. Lucky boy! You sure love your Papa. This picture sums it up well.
 You found where I'd hid the Skittles this morning and ate all but three of the entire package! You are all over the place today! I think we might go on a walk in a bit ;-) Burn off some of that energy!  You are super creative and definitely individual. This is a snowman you drew the buttons and face on. You wanted a crown on it instead of a winter hat. A crown it is!
 There are some days I'm about ready to pull my hair out from you  coming up with your own solutions to things instead of listening to mine, but it is neat to see the little wheels turning in your brain. 
And, really, how can I stay upset long at such a sweet face?

Dear Canada,
I love you. But really. You need left turn lanes. Your streets are nuts because of it. And hardly any left turn signals. I love Vancouver. But, I think I like the slower pace of where we live! Maybe someday we'll be back. It was fun. And we did get some Tim Horton's! Mmm!! Andrew sure loved those! He loves the ones with "sparkles" (sprinkles).

Dear library,
I have a confession to make. I have yet to read any of the books I have picked up and returned (on time!!) Our son has read almost every one. And your discovery kits are amazing! I promise I will try to read at least  one of the three I picked up today! (Maybe). It's been years since I have finished a book! Something about kids....

Dear USPS,
Thank you for your fast, efficient service! It is thanks to you that two last Christmas packages (yes, really lol) can finally make their way to their intended recipients today!! (Can you say misplaced while cleaning?!?!)



  1. You look beautiful! Wow, Andrew did do an awesome job taking that photo! Future photographer? I haven't read any of the library books I picked up the other week either :/ and now they're due in a few days.

  2. awwwwww you are so so so cute! I love that you are writing letters to your baby! I want to do that too one day! loved ALL your letters, thanks for linking up!



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